Oro's weapon

If i’m not wrong,Oro’s weapon is a nuclear energy weapon,but I noticed it can be called fuel rod cannon.

Is it based of the fuel rod cannon from Halo 5?

Isn’t his nuclear energy cannon obviously a directed energy weapon?

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Yes, and in my humble opinion, it should have an ammo capacity of 1 and each shot that hits should do knockback and 2x the damage. Change my mind.


and it was chanced to 3 cos’ its a glass cannon

Hmmmm,i see,thanks for telling me

Glad to see talk on oro he was my first ruby. I agree weapon should pack just a bit more punch like doing damage if he breaks cover if enemy is behind like obrez. Also his gold ability, is confusing sometimes I fell like it works other times not sure. But he also berserk powerhouse

Ah ok thanks for telling me these

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