Heronium shop :(

I know devs wanted to slow down fast-growing players (like me obviously), but heronium totally stopped the progress, it didn’t even make it slower.
Before we got elemental fragments for each duplicate.
Now we get 50 heronium for each duplicate.
How we can use heronium:
60 elemental fragments of each color (one costs 50 heronium, 3x60x50 = 9000 heronium).
60 each color heroes’ fragments that are not 10* (one costs 100 heronium, 3x60x100 = 18000 heronium).
200 stones that could open one skins’ crate (150x20 = 3000 heronium).
Platinum fragments of the items that cost 500 heronium each (are you serious? You want us to give 10 heroes’ fragments for 1 item fragment? Who should be so dump to do that? The only item that can be bought here is ninja stars, which are not item fragment and seems won’t appear in this shop).
So, what we get after the update: 360 fragments per day. If before the update we got 1 elemental fragment for 1 duplicate, now using this shop we get 1 elemental fragment (and half of them even not elemental) for each 1,5 duplicates (average).
For me who made before the update 20+ heroes 10* each, I won’t buy 1 fragment for 100 heronium.
So in one month we get 5400 elemental fragments which are 1800 of each color.
Each new hero require ~2500 fragments, so that amount is not even enough to upgrade new hero.
How we should upgrade old heroes? 1 hero per 1-2 months?
I’m using 9000 (elemental)+3000(skins)=12000 heronium per day now. After 2 days of update I got 75000 of heronium that I can’t even use (bought panzer crates, new crate with energy + pvp). And this amount is going to become bigger and bigger, so we just pay our time and money for a useless number in the heronium store.
I’m not the only faced this problem, and soon with same problem will be much more players. For each used 2700 gold we got before ~800 fragments, now we get 40000 of this heronium that can be used only in 3+ days (sorry, but to get prophet I bought in one day long time ago crates for 30000 gold, what for now would become 450000 of heronium. I would use all this amount 1+ months? Seriously?). And the more 10* heroes we have the more we get not fragments but this useless gems.
I spoke to some VIP15 players and got the answer about what do they think about heronium: “they don’t need our money? Ok, at least this game won’t be as much expensive”.
How to solve this problem:

  1. Give us not 60 elemental fragments of each color per day that costs 50 heronium, at least we need 100-150. Or give us opportunity to refresh this shop for gold.
  2. One item fragment should cost 100 heronium, not 500.
  3. We need more than 20 skin’s stones per day and opportunity to buy them all, not one by one (refresh should fix that).
    Thanks for your attention, sorry for mistakes.

Added: I do understand idea of making 10* heroes slower. But collecting heronium is useless effect for any player. Than make a various things we could buy in this store - energy, cash, golden and platinum items, unique portraits, etc etc… but don’t let us to collect this gems.


The thing is they can just double or triple the price and make it hard for players with only dogface 10 starred

Adding more fragments to buy and an opportunity to refresh seems to be the correct way forward, If buying crates and getting duplicates can’t be spent then the flow of gold spent will obviously stop and less money will be spent on buying gold. I hope there will be a tweak pretty soon. During PvP events many will not be able to spend the heronium earned and again might limit how much people play, not a good thing for the game either.

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If you have so much Heronium left, then why are the Item fragments to expensiv? May spend the left over Heronium on that?
I get what you want to say, but as they stated, it was their purpose to slow down Progression. I dont´t know how you play, but for me it´s more fun maxing out heroes over time, then just having every new hero at 10* after two days. If the Progression is to fast it can make you lose players, because they get bored and don´t want to pay anymore for a boring game.

I do understand @JokerAHAHA @WalleWu , 2 days in a row I bought all frags in the store, and I have 3x a 10*.

my odachi is getting close to a 10* so when I buy a crate and I get him when he’s a 10* I can buy all frags that day, I know I can buy skins with the rest but I understand the problem for people with a lot of 10* that they get held down, also this system is new so a tweak could always come along.

I don’t agree with the refresh for gold, I think it should be the same as the PvP store, refresh it with heronium if a refresh is made possible, or an increase in frags that can be bought.

I’m not at the point where it’s useful for me, but considering the big group of players that are way beyond in power then me it just seems fair to them

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Completely agreed that there should be a refresh function similar to the PvP/Gauntlet stores that uses an increasing amount of Heronium gems. Over a month to get new heroes to 10 stars and they’re releasing 1-2 heroes every month? So, it’s literally impossible to keep up with the content they’re creating.


I think Heroinum is a great idea for the overall aspect of the game and players. But has created a negative effect for top players who have several 10* Hero’s maxed.

We maxed these hero’s doing mass PvP, buying 10x crate, or farming raids. The point of this hard work was to receive the rewards of getting Bio, Mech, Energy Fragments to use now on other Hero’s or save up.

The limitation now of how many frags you can purchase at the Heronium store is extremely disappointing. The fun of saving/buying 10x crates is gone as you looked forward to getting converted frags of 3*, 5*, or even 7* Hero’s. VIP members invested their money to gain these frags to lvl up other Hero’s.

I strongly suggest and hope a refresh button will be added to the store to purchase more items per day rather then one refresh every 24 hours. Don’t limit your Top Players and VIP members by holding them back. We all worked hard to get where we are and Hero Hunters is an investment for many of us at VIP 13+.


I do understand idea of making 10* heroes slower. But collecting heronium is useless effect for any player. Than make a various things we could buy in this store - energy, cash, golden and platinum items, unique portraits, etc etc… but don’t let us to collect this gems.

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The entire point was to stop the whales from being able to get frags faster and faster until it became trivial for them to 10* even new heroes.

I doubt they’re going to change their mind and make it easy to get hundreds of elemental frags every day.

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@Sogui Once again you are against people spending money on the game (whales), the ones keeping this game alive with new R&D is the ones that pay for the game. I respect that not all are willing to pay for play, but they should praise the ones that do bring inn the big bucks. The game will be abandoned from HH if it don’t continuously bring inn cash, HotHead games inc is a business and not a charity organization, and they are good at it as well :slight_smile:


Maybe this change was made because they were not selling as many crates?

If you can 10* Panzer the moment you get her, you won’t buy a single Panzer crate once you unlock her.

If they limit the amount of elemental frags you can get, you won’t be able to 10* new heroes that early, and you may be more inclined toward buying their PvP crates.

I think the old model may not be as profitable for HH, since once you 10* easy to farm heroes (like Dogface or PvP heroes), you don’t need to buy crates to max heroes that otherwise could require some gold spending.


It looks only to me unlogical, that it’s a waste to buy crates that gives you panzer and hundred thousands heronium that can’t be used? Hope they also didn’t think like that…

Atleast they never thought about characters that were maxed out will be converted to Bucks lol


I like this Idea. Maybe not energy, that would be unbalanced. Cash would be a great Idea, because that´s what you lack most of in endgame. A few more Items wouldn´t be game changing, but helpfull. Special portraits or something similar would be nice, too.

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