Heronium = QuickWin Tickets?

Is there any plan of providing us with more ways of getting quickwin tickets?

  1. It would be really helpful to be able to buy quickwin tickets using heronium instead of having 2 slots occupied by skin tokens in the heronium store.
  2. Having quickwin tickets in pvp crates was nice but not worth it when gold was removed from the crate so is it possible to have both gold and quickwin tickets in the pvp crate?
  3. In the Elite bracket during PVP tournaments, we got quickwin tickets starting from Division 5 top 25% and that is typically top 250 or 500 so having Mythic give quickwin tickets to the top 250 or 500 instead of top 100 would be helpful.

Just wondering if we can have more ways of getting quickwin tickets daily because being vip 10 to 15 is not enough to have a sufficient amount of quickwin tickets each day. Gauntlet costs 100 quickwin tickets and having the 20 gold offer for 10 quickwin tickets as the only option is too steep. Playing gauntlet instead of using quickwin tickets is way too stressful for me lol. And it would be nice to have some other things to buy in the heronium store.


Im pretty sure pvp crates still offer gold cus i just got some recently. I do love this idea and i hope the devs will implement this into the game

Yes please replace those skin tokens by quick win tickets.

I meant crates for level 90+, [I don’t recall the minimum level as to when the pvp crate changes] but we don’t get quickwin tickets. And for a brief moment, they added quickwin tickets and removed gold, now it is back to gold, cash, and exp only, no quickwin tickets.

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Oh wow. I guess i should stock up on quick win tickets

They need to replace a lot of things in crates. Off the top of my head why is xp still a reward from PVP crates at Legendary? I don’t know a single 1.5M+ power player that is hurting for xp. Just looking at my own xp I have over 325 MILLION xp saved. That’s enough to level 1,362 heroes up, or get them to level 105 (roughly).

The skill points and mass grenades in Gorgon crates are also excessive. I have over 650 skill points and over 10k silver/bronze grenades and 8k platinum/gold.

Replacing these two things with more quick win tickets, and added them to more PVP ranks would definitely go a long way to helping players out. I wouldn’t mind seeing them added to the heronium or gauntlet store either, but I wouldn’t want to see them replace skin tokens since there are few other ways for new players to get them.

Recently I moved to Veteran Bracket ( Power more then 450M+ ) after that the Quick Win Tickets rewards got vanished from the PVP Crate. Before that I used to get the QW Tickets but I don’t get them anymore. Please give us more Quick Win Tickets everyday.

Got to be honest, i had about 20k tickets, now when quick win was introduced to gauntlet i slowly go down, this point im at 600 tickets

It sounds like a pain but you can easily save up several hundred QW tickets if you have time and patience. Rather than quick winning everything, let them play on auto whilst you’re busy doing something else irl. It’s a little tedious but it’s very helpful.

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This would a nice addition, I don’t always have heronium available always but it would be nice to be able to quickly replenish tickets. I use them mostly for gauntlet, which slowly drains my tickets. If I don’t I only run through the first sector of gauntlet because its a pain to to the whole thing and I lose bucks and gems.

I spent lots of gold in black market for quick win tickets last year. Would be good to have another income source like heronium to buy quick win tickets. But I found that if I was out of quick wins, I was always out. No matter what I do, always scraping the bottom. Well, I found out that if you just quit playing for like two weeks you won’t run out again. I have not dropped below 1000 and don’t pay attention anymore how many I use a day. I quick win gauntlet every day too. Point is just get ahead and it will be ok.


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