Hero xp from PvP crates

It sometimes feel that you get to much xp from hero crates.
I know it’s based on drop chances, but getting XP 3x in a row makes me feeling really annoyed, to the point that getting win tickets feel like a win. maybe lower this by 1% and add the 1% to win tickets so you don’t get so much XP you can’t use, or give us to option to sell the XP for a little bit of bucks so it feels less annoying and you can do something with it.



Thanks for the info here @Kraterios!

Win tickets are completely useless to high VIP players. Either remove win tickets from the crates for high VIP players, or allow us to exchange them for something. Maybe 200 free win tickets to automatically complete the gaunlet??

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Yes, but this adds to the point where we should at least be able to sell it, I’d love to trade in my 10x hero XP for 5 win tickets or some small bucks, not complaining about the hero drops cause the fragments of hero’s you get are amazing, but for those who don’t need XP and in yours and others tickets case we should be able to do something with it.

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