Guilded crates

I dont like to complain much about a game but the guilded crates need some love it’s so hard to actually get a guilded hero all the others in there can be gotten other ways me personally have used close to 100 gilded tokens and cant pull 1 guilded hero which all I’m missing is pariah and haven’t pulled much of the other guilded heros meaning the ones you can only get from that crate. All in all to sum it up I would like to seem a good bit of the more common heros taken out of the crate or higher drop rates for the exclusive guilded heros.

Thanks for reading


They are hard to get that’s why they are gilded heroes . So try from other crates and you can be lucky to get the most rarest hero of the game , Pariah


Like you, I’m often disappointed in my gilded token outcome. Yet I appreciate the rarity of those hero’s. Missing just the one gilded hero isn’t much of a shortage IMO. Gilded tokens are offered periodically from the store, that may help you out?

All together I have used around 300 gilded tokens and I understand that they are rare but when it’s the only place to get them its kinna pointless to keep trying make me wanna stop even trying to be honest I mean the guilded crates have heros that can be obtained from other easier ways

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