Pariah and gilded token event

What did I do so wrong to make the people at HH so mad… I have spent 100 gilded tokens plus the special tokens and cant pull her to save my life now I have 15k gold and shes the only 1 I’m missing why me lol

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I pull him 90% of the time lol
I think lots can relate


I get him and operator about 85% of the time how do you keep pulling people with a lower % but when it’s a good toon with lower drop rate or even gilded tokens with a low drop % you never get them

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Dude - I can totally relate. I’ve gone through about 50 gilded. I finally pulled pariah but Stryker eludes me. I think I pissed off the HH gods or, heaven forbid, Godlante himself!

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It’s all random. You could pull a thousand crates and never see a single Gilded Hero, while someone else could pull 5 crates and get all 5 of the Gilded Heroes. I hate this and think the chances should go up with each pull. For example for every 10 pulls increase the chances of a Gilded Hero you don’t have dropping by a few %. That way you would eventually get them, in theory. The way it is set up now is a complete crap shoot and is all up to luck.


I know I won’t be able to finish the tiers of the gilded festival. But got lucky few times with the heroes. I still don’t have Lancer.

I’m just missing striker lol…and a few other heros but strikers the only gild… my shank is 8 stars from crates alone

Only missing striker and pariah… honestly would have no use for striker. Just don’t like the skill set. Pariah eludes me every time I open a crate. So much so that commando is a seven star.

I’ve so many time jarek that he’s 10 starts now. :smile::+1:


I went through 55ish gilded and finally got everybody…

45 Kurtz crates and still no sign of boldy. I wonder when I can start sandbagging and winning easily. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Fortress seems to be my assigned hero. So many fortress pulls.

I had bad luck with gilded heroes before this festival (only had lancer), in 40 tokens i spent since the start of the event, i pulled all of them twice and pariah 4 times, lol.

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I was lucky to get pariah and striker for this event lol I have them all.