Hey quick question

Guys who Is shielding all these heroes ?

Matador can produce a shield when he breaks cover

Yes but he Shields only one hero

Matador. All your cover got destroyed really quick, which activates his gold. It’s not a team shield, but it will shield Mat himself and a random ally.

Since your enemy destroyed enough if your cover quickly, he’ll shield multiple heroes.

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Nope he can produce multiple shields for multiple covers being broken

I know. But all of them. Who ?

Playing the game 2 years and never seen it.
It’s super suspicious

Don’t overthink it, it’s Matador; he will shield multiple ally’s eventually if he destroys cover quickly enough.

Totally normal.


It’s because of the Mariana halo team combination, matador produces a shield when he breaks cover which is the main objective of using Mariana. A ruby Matador can break all the cover on the map without reloading

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I did like 10 pvp with the same team. Never happened for my team. Never. And broken all covers.
Anyway thank you guys.

Very obvious answer, matador is there to break cover for marianas to trigger her gold. He probably destroyed all cover and got all of em shields with his gold

Eat. If you are using a Plat Matador you will not see a very prolific shielding effect from matador. He can break three cover, maybe 4 with one clip at platinum, which will shield himself and maybe 3 of your other 4 team mates if you are lucky. A ruby matador can break a cover with a tap of the trigger. His ability to shield hasn’t changed at ruby, but his ability to break cover has increased substantially and if you control him, and shoot at cover, you can easily eliminate 10-15 cover in a short period which will give the appearance of a team shield of sorts. It doesn’t always work, I’ve seen matador break 10 or so cover and never shield one of the team just because of the random odds of it. But, rest assured, it’s matador that got you in that shot.

And shout out to Jon Jon, I think I beat that team once…once.


Oh… Wow… So ruby tank can demolish cover very easily… Maybe Baron or Mari will be the best…

Anyway, that is a good news for the next scavenger hunts… As for now, there are so many players with rubies…


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