Matador and Verrill …

I’m sick of getting matches against ruby matador and ruby verrill. PvP is such a joke. I’m hopping off this game if they don’t do something. And the ones that be telling me to stop complaining or whatever already have verrill and y’all just want the points. Y’all r really destroying the pvp experience for everyone if you pair matador and verrill together. Get creative and have a TEAM!

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There are no rules to pvp . And people are creative that’s why they came up with this combo .

People now have to get creative and find a counter lol


Find a counter. Use a heal blocker to prevent them from recovering health. Tired of the shields? Use a guy who takes down shields.

You just have to get creative and think outside the box. Can’t rely on the same set up forever

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Hi bro!
Let me give up a great tip how you can overcome any teams in pvp.
Man up and learn the game or quit.
Sincerely Verrill

:wave:. Find a counter my friend.

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Dude I’ve been getting those too! However, as annoying as they are, they aren’t invincible:

To quote the TF2 Engineer, “Use a gun, and if that don’t work, use more gun.”

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Sandbag​:face_with_monocle::nerd_face:. As you said, they are not invincible. As a matter of fact. Any team that uses 2 at least energy ‘doing damage’ rubies should be able to take them out without a problem. And with those energies you also have counters to serial

This game is example of perfect balance, verrill is quite weak actually.
I beat sandbaggers and minmaxers every day because i am best player in pvp.

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