Still no hero with group mech shields?

So when are you guys gonna create a mech hero that provides group mech shields?

Hope he/she is next in line. :upside_down_face:


Now you say, there arent really any all team shield oriented heroes for mech, good question

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Smh…smh I made a concept for one months ago to show we needed one. However of one does get made because of this post it will be implemented a year from now. Devs have always said their updates are planned at lesst months ahead

… you do know what matadors gold does right? Sure it relies on breaking cover, but still when it triggers it’s a decently powerful shield.

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Yes but that is a passive skill. I think they mean a hero designed for shielding like kobold or butter

Mech seems to be the element for high strength heals (or in torques case, useless ones), but they have a lot more high damage dealers, kunoich, 4-cep, Kurtz, beck, just to name a few. They focus less on healing and more on wiping stuff out, every character has a role, biochem and energy just get all the shielders.


Well, technically Caine and Matador provide mech shields, but yeah we have Butter and Kobold for group shields.

We’ve seen pushback in the past when we’ve released Heroes who have abilities similar to past Heroes. The general feedback is “every hero should be completely unique and different.”

With that in mind, do you still want a Mech group shielder? You wouldn’t be mad and call us “lazy devs” again?


Yes I agree nobody should, the developers are open to constructive feedback and any sort of rhetoric or name calling is never appreciated by anybody.

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I personally don’t mind if a hero fits a requested role or not. Any hero that can find a good home within a team comp is good for me.

Same here…i know devs aren’t lazy and everyone who says they are…to u I say go learn how to code and then say it… but i think a mech shielder would be a great addition to counter all the great energy dps.

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Honestly, we could help you guys with a hero that isn’t like other but still has it, im always free but i bet other could help better in most ways

Same, to everyone thats calling em lazy, i always say why don’t you fix the servers, why don’t you go add new heroes

We are not able to work with players to design Heroes. The Community Collaborator initiative allowed a few players to help come up with names and lore. They did not design Heroes. We cannot accept Hero designs, in whole or in part. We have trained professional designers working on our Heroes. We require no outside design assistance.

I’m repeating this again because it gets asked a lot, and I’m constantly being DM’d with requests to work with us to design Heroes or define their skills. That is not what was asked here. Thank you!


Personally, I’d like to see more shield disruptor like yanlong and anvil so that people aren’t running out all shielders and healers. Maybe a sniper that can penetrate shield.


Why not just fix up torque?? :thinking:He has potential…with a few small tweaks to him, could make him stand out a bit more. Taunt to his canisters? Double up shielding/healing.

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Just wait & see. Devs r always make adjustment to new hero. Only the time is dunno when

Agree with u. Penetrate shield is a good one for mech type :+1:t2:

Do u have Brogan?? If so, u will find him fun to bring when he’s activating shield to all allies.
Including for “additional tech”, like drones or clone, i recall :thinking:


Yeah I’m sorry you guys go through this double bind of “We have no group mech shielder! This sucks!” Then, releasing a group mech shielder and getting
“This hero is just Kobold but Mech! This sucks!”

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