HH Community Theories

Goooood day everyone!!!

Here I am now making a communitive thread.

Yep. The Title already said it.

Since HH didn’t told us some things like how did they come up with those heroes’ name, or why they have that skill. So let’s create some fun theories about the game. Anything can be said (hero’s name, hero’s skill, hero’s relationship, etc) as long as it is a friendly theory.

You can give some sources if you want to.

So, tell us, your cooool theories about the game…


Some time ago I theorized that in addition to KLG and UAF, there was someone much more powerful looking at us.

Then with Nikon I theorized that in the future Ryker would become the new commander and created a new world power, the remaining members of the KLG, UAF and remaining factions would unite and become a kind of resistance.
I can already imagine the scene:
Butter: You were like a brother to me, you became what you swore to destroy!

That Kurtz was the real good guy and we were on the bad guys’ side all the time and we only realized it in the end.
That Jackson was actually Ryker’s twin.

Then someone said that Hardscope was Dogface’s son. (I think more like a nephew)

That all this is a government experiment or that HH is actually the reality and we are the video game. they have played us all along.


Personally think it’s someone who left the UAF with Kurtz. Then got left to die by Kurtz, and now hates everyone. Also they apparently have an ungodly amount of firepower.

I like that idea it was similar to a character I thought of. A female solider who lost everything and wants to wipe out everyone on the planet. The Anarchist.

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