Older Theory (Disproven)

  This is an updated version of my previous post. 

I will be explaining a theory I have had since District 10 was released.

So there has been a lot things pointing at the fact this game is set an scene where the world has experianced a war that has very nearly ended humankind. The survivors led by Kurtz formed an military oligarchy known as the KLG. It’s militray was formed to protect the survivors and put down anyone who stood in their way. Anyone who dissented against them was silenced. One member of this military was Wesson. He was a devoted KLG member who sought a darker future then the one in sight. He sought to enforce a more harsher martial law throughout the community and execute everyone who disagreed with the KLG ideals. However, this was rejected by Kurtz and resulted in Wesson becoming more and more distant. He began spreading dissent among its members. Kurtz, having enough of the overambitious soldier, ordered Odachi to execute him quietly. Odachi failed, however, and Wesson suvived. He however would need cybernetics the rest of his life. Betrayed, he began plotting his revenge. He would take revenge on Kurtz and those who stood in his way. Under a guise, he formed the United Armed Forces to “arrest and bring Kurtz to justice”. The UAF grew in numbers with every passing day. And as they grew, others began to see an opportunity to form their own groups. With an uproar of protests starting to form in the city, Kurtz formed the subdivision of Kurtz’s Lawgivers. He ordered anyone protesting to be teargassed and arrested. When news of this spread violence arose, causing more and more dissent to the point where there was no one left in the cities but the KLG and a quarter of the population that once lived there. Seeing this opportunity, Wesson knew it was the time to strike. He had gathered the largest military force capable of matching the KLG. In secret, he had a bio chemical weapon planted in the battlefield under the guise it was a EMP field to stop enemy mechs. A massive offensive occurred, thousands would die on both sides. It would be one of the largest conflicts seen since Day Zero. When the two sides finally met on the outskirts of the city, the UAF began losing soldiers by the thousands. Kurtz had brought in many reinforcements overnight. Wesson seeing his chance detonated the bio chemical weapon killing millions. This gas would then spread into the city killing millions more. Since there were no withnesses left to tell the tale. Wesson put the blame on Kurtz, and now Kurtz is remembered as the war criminal responsible for the death of millions.

Due to the number of casualties, Wesson pulled back. With the retreat of the UAF, Kurtz heard a rumor from his Black Ops divisions. A unknown object sat within the middle of the outskirts of the city. A UAF object. He immeadiately sent out hs troops to investigate. However, they couldn’t get past some of the more poisonous areas without taking heavy losses. He hired the Rangers who eventually found a way to the object. Using their report and images, he convinced and threatened leaders of other factions to join him against the UAF. However, they still couldn’t prove what was in the object. This might explain why there are heroes of other faction siding with the KLG. Ronin, Phalanx, Matador, the Shoremen, the Morlocks, and the Rangers. However, I believe they were sent in to reinforce the KLG until it was discovered what the object was excatly explaining the camp in the Outskirts. Some of these members didn’t know why exactly they were fighting there so they were easily swayed to the UAF or decided to help them: Artemis, Castillean, Dogface, etc.
A few years passby, a strike force is sent in to capture Kurtz. It consisted of Alpha and Bravo squads. However, the KLG were expecting them and sent a skilled mercenary to intercept them and make sure no one of that team survived. However, said mercenary failed and two people of the two squads survived: Ryker and Nightingale. They managed to hold off their position until UAF command managed to send Butler in, eventually they beat the mercenary who then offered his services to the UAF for free. Cross then joined the squad. You then go on a long ardous journey to take down anything that may help the KLG in some form or fashion. Eventually, the squad is sent in on a mission to clear out the sewers due to sneak attacks by the KLG led by the Morlocks. When the squad leaves the sewers they find themselves on the outskirts of the once massive city. Which then the KLG launch an offensive manuver to push back the gathering UAF army out of the nearby area. Ryker reports in with Wesson telling him where the squad was. Immeadiately, he is told to retreat and reinforcements are on the way. It is then which Ryker disobeys the direct order to discover that a group , the Rangers hired by Kurtz, were working in the area nearby. He planned to put a stop to it. The Colonel repeatedly orders Ryker to pull out. By then it’s too late. The group have stumbled upon the object which Dogface immeadiately recognizes it’s a UAF bio chemical weapon. The story or lore ends on this note with more to be revealed soon. This theory is plausible due to many facts and character development released in the game.
All the characters mention a Day Zero talking about how the world changed so much after it. Although it isn’t speficially mentioned, I believe it was a world war. The images throughout the game depict an apocalyptic city ruined by what appears to be war. Ruins of war mechs are littered throughout streets.
Buildings are ruins nearly every where you turn, except for those repaired by the KLG. I also believe that a community once exsisted because not only are the offices and training dojos repaired, but different buildings like the stadium and other buildings seem to remain intact.

We also are told that before Day Zero, the human race built robots, cyborgs, mechs, advanced weaponry, exo suits, and more. We see examples of this throughout the entire game. This is mentioned in both the Galante lore and we can see it constantly throughout the game. KLG Soldiers all have an exo suit or some form of armor. Bolt, Steele, and Colonel Wesson have cybernetics attached to them. Clyde and Galante are both robots. Although Clyde has a better AI system than Galante. Heckler is an android. If there was a war, weapons of mass destructions like nukes may have been used. This might explain why some characters look a bit off or mutated. This also might be the reason most of the shoremen wear gasmasks or some form of protective helmet. With the exception of Keel. These WMD’s may have been launched at some coastal cities making them highly toxic and near uninhabitable. District 4 will be my example. There is mist and fog some of which maybe poisionous and radioactive, explaining said masks and helmets. The water has an abnormal colors in it, in some areas. I say some because the outskirts doesn’t appear to be like this, so I say some.
It is interesting to see why humanity if in this case has brought itself to its knees. Technology is much more advanced with holographic technology, laser weaponry, stealth technology, power armor (Not Fallout type but literal power armor.), cybernetics, etc. This although maybe it’s explanation as well. When new technology is created, it brings with it benefits but also downsides. This might be an example of the biggest downside in which a war took place nearly wiping out the entire humanrace.
The Outskirts itself is an interesting area. I believe it was a battleground because it’s/ it was an ideal place for one. There are landing sites from the sea like how enemies arrive to stop you. There is a wrecked bomber plane indicating there was a battle nearby or there specifically. There many areas of cover built there is also some holes in the terrain indicating bombs of sorts. The reason I believe there is an investigation is going is:
A. I’m pretty sure Cross mentions this.
B. There detoxifying areas in the camp that is set up.
C. There’s too many soldiers already there for it to be an ambush. They all start running to their positions when they see you.
D. Warships and Carriers are guarding the coast to prevent anyone going in; however, they didn’t expect anyone to come out of the sewers until alerts came in that there was a UAF task force in the sewers. They probably didn’t expect this since:
#1. Ships were still arriving when you came out.
#2. They weren’t already waiting there expecting you to come out.
#3. There are more highly trained personel than other areas. Indicating they were doing something there besides expecting you.
#4. Your introduced to a new character Prophet who you haven’t seen throughout the campaign.
E. The camp has been setup for what looks like a long time. This camp could not have been built in a day waiting to ambush them.

These are my current theroies on the storyline of this game. This post will be edited as more official lore is released and more content is revealed. This theory was based on a number of factors. Colonel Wesson is a colonel after. He needs to strategically think of what ways he could get the upperhand after all. This is clearly not shown when he immeadiately orders you to retreat and that there is others being sent to pick them up. A normal military officer would think a bit first and examine the situation at hand. Then he would decide whether to order a retreat or not. He doesn’t hesitate when he consistently orders you to retreat. Also, the biggest factor, the UAF chemical bomb. This is something that has popped up in a Discord discussion. “It could’ve been planted there by the KLG to make it look like the UAF did it.” This however can’t be. If your trying to be morally right “good guys”, chemical warfare was deemed illegal and highly disgraceful by the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993. So the idea that the UAF are the good guys and yet still have these types of weapons makes their cause look a lot more suspicious. And if it was planted there on purpose by the UAF…then it is clear. The UAF is responsible for the millions that have died in the city and on the battlefield. The crimes that Kurtz has commited involving the deaths of millions wan’t him but the UAF who blamed it on him. I don’t think that Kurtz is a good guy in this game. He still has crimes to answer for, but he isn’t your psychopath dicatator like Hitler who is trying to kill everyone. Wesson’s motives are still officially unclear, but I believe it was him.

   This work was based on a Wesson Lore made by Content Creator Poobbloob. 

It is also based around the campaign and the release of Colonel Wesson. Hope you enjoyed reading.


A question. Odachi trying to assasinate Wesson because of Kurt’s orders is something you guessed or has been told somewhere? I don’t remember seeing said info anywhere

Ok so since this is still a work in progress I haven’t quite mentioned that some of this also based on a community made Wesson lore by Poobgloob

Aaaah, ok. For a moment I thought I missed some official lore. Thanks :slight_smile:

Wheee. Time to rewrite this entire theory cuz it’s all wrong and dumb.


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The only hint I’ll give you for now:

  • The United Armed Forces were an organization before Zero Day, because Zero Day was not the start of the war.

Don’t need to delete anything most of it is pretty close.


it seemed to me like the UAF/Kurtz thing is like Iron Man stuff. How so? well the enemies that they were fighting were using weapons made by Stark. In some cases some things were modified and chaos spread. Much like what seemed like ground zero with a bomb ready to go off and the UAF logo on it. Could be that or they could be framing UAF to make em seem like the bad guy.

I mean like it’s omni approved so youre fine.