(STORY SPOILERS) new skin ideas

i played the last chapter and it dawned on me. with the last chapter we betrayed the uaf. and ryker butter and nightingale found out that kurtz was right. so wouldn’t it be cool if ryker, butter, nightingale and maybe even baron and oracle got rare KLG skins . it would be really cool since it was proven that he was right and as such they join kurtz to help the world. it would also be cool if elite rifle man got a UAF skin and if purifier could get a KLG skin like the rest
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I agree on this one, you’d suppose they’d turn to the KLG after that, though i think it would spoil a lot for people who are still starting on the campaign, though the idea is really cool!


yeah true, maybe make it so you can only unlock it and even see the skin after you beat the campaign

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I like this idea, pls add this devs :grin:

Talking about skins… I still have a hope for legendary skins of Pariah & Alvarez… Where Alvarez’s bronze can silent all active+passive skills of a particular/targeted hero & Pariah’s silver can turn all healings done from a targeted hero will turn into elemental damage on his/her allies.

That’s not the direction the story is going, necessarily. Just because Wesson wronged Kurtz, it doesn’t absolve Kurtz of what he did. If you’re not UAF, that doesn’t make you KLG. The world isn’t made up of binary choices like that. No Faction is totally blameless. There are no real “good guys” anymore.


Ditto on what Muninn said; I don’t believe Ryker and Co. would become pro-KLG, considering they killed dozens upon dozens of KLG troops throughout the campaign, haha. Remember, Kurtz is a tyrant of sorts.

I will say this, Striker definitely needs a UAF skin, she’s highly underrated, and is one of my personal favorites.

I’m Curious… Is there any YouTube video having the whole HH storyline complied into one movie?

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