Super hero crate; how I miss thee; let me count the ways

When was the last time it was available? It seems like well over a year. I wish devs would dust it off and make it available for the weekend. It’s going to be a really long, painful weekend for me. Need a bit of a distraction.

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Lol i even forgot what was it

What does that crate contain? Never seen it since I started playing hero hunters. Account age is nearly 400days.

It was a tiered crate that cost the same as the Hero Crate and had the same contents, but at certain tiers, it only cost 1 gold.

We’ve replaced it with other tier and feature Crates, which provide a better value. It won’t be returning.

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1 gold per tier, that sounds interesting ? Any plans of bringing same concept in any crate in the future ?

I know you guys have put up the 7* hero tiered crates (the last one Kurtz was fearured a month or so ago???), which are a better value than the hero crate, but I was really thinking the superhero was even better, by a bit. I could look up the last tiered crate because I spent a couple $ to buy a tier. Anyways, like I said the super hero was sooooo long ago, I’m not certain. But a tiered hero crate that provides better value than the regular hero crate sure would have been cool to have this weekend. Bummer you guys couldn’t accommodate for this weekend.

I think I was too late to see this feature. Seems like a rlly good concept I would love to see it make a return…I understand if it can’t.

One gold for CERTAIN TIERS. Not all tiers. Anyway, it’s gone forever!

Yes that’s what I understand…ahhh !!! It’s gone now so no point. Hope something launches similar if not for 1 gold maybe 50 gold or so.

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