No super hero crates in July?

I’ve been saving up to 5000 gold until now to use them all on super hero crates sale that appears once in a month.

Super crates are usually available in last week of the month but I have only seen unique caine tier crates on that week.

Did I miss it? Or was it never intended to appear in july?

I would appreciate some responses about this.

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From what I was told everybody gets unique deals to themselves for example
My Panzer special is for 29.99 or others told me their Panzer special was a couple hundred gold
I’ve been VIP ten for a while now and all my offers are for cash only thing I can spend gold on is crates right now I have the new Heroes crates starting at 99 gold

Crates are global. Only Special Offers are personal, as far as I know.

Still sad that devs didn’t say anything about super hero crates till now… :frowning:

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I never understood what a Super Hero Crate is. I might have seen them some times but I’m not sure if I ever purchased one. What are they? Why are they better than a Hero Crate?

Super hero crate is a special crate tier offer that are exactly like hero crates, but costs less gold. for example, Players can buy first 10 crates with about 1850 gold because 4 of the tiers cost only 1 gold to open and the rest offer about 150~299. They appear once in a month, but it didn’t seem to appear in July.

Aha, so like a tiered Hero Crate. I get it.
I’ve been playing a few months so I must have seen these sometime but they never really stuck in my memory. Sounds sweet though, I hope they return soon again!

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Is a similar to the x10 hero crates.

It costs 2100 (more or less) to get 10 crates, but doesn’t guarantee a 5*. It’s the best deal for VIP 0 players, since we can’t buy x10 crate bundles.

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