HHG please teach your bots to aim automatic weapons

Its a joke. The AI has decent aim with semiautomatic weapons but they are useless at full auto. If an enemy is behind cover they have garbage accuracy, they are dead weight.

Exhibit A, the new Ifrit, who has 3,000 more damage stat than my Heimlock:

On topic, yeah I noticed this to, especially in the bounty, they manage to shoot every bullet in to the ground, even when there’s no barricade, the enemy just needs te kneel.

Off topic, Learn me your bot draw skills, if I use a team like that I get 9k power difference matches

AI works fine for me maybe try switching between heroes and not just be stuck on one character as skills charging change to another one if one’s not working try another one

Dude, on the third picture, Ifrit did literally nothing, and you are just going to say “change to other heroes”?

If a hero does NOTHING unless controlled there is something wrong with its AI

My Ifrit does the same when AI controlled; sometimes he just stops, does nothing, sits behind a cover lurking.

Yeh, those three pictures OP posted look more like Ifrit doing nothing rather than just missing

Yup, that’s what I said. He does that sometimes. :slight_smile: He might be a lazy guy but i noticed him sitting down doing apeshit during an entire Gauntlet mission earlier today.


There was an acknowledged bug on Ifrit’s bot AI. Once the update goes out he will aim better.

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