So I’m guessing they can’t fix kurtz, but maybe

If y’all aren’t able to fix kurtz’ skills and make em work, maybe you could at least make execute still kill an allied hero if dominate is active. So instead of the skill literally doing nothing except start it’s long charge all over again, it will still work like if dominate wasn’t active. Cuz it’s so annoying to have to make sure dominate isn’t active before you use execute, like shooting the hero till dominate stops just to use execute. Or not using dominate because you know execute is gonna charge soon and you want to use it and you know it won’t work if you use the other skill. Unless it’s suppose to be this way? Idk I can’t figure it out… just been 3 updates and no one from HH has even addressed it, but they were able to nerf him? But 3 months and it still doesn’t work, if you guys can’t fix it could y’all at least make it kill your own hero every time?

I assure you the problem is not going unnoticed, same as the issues whereeveryone is complaining about ronin minmaxers and now war also being minmaxing. These problems will be solved in time, he won’t stay broke forever :slight_smile:

It’s so weird to me how his skills got nerfed before they were fixed.

3 months is forever for one hero
they could nerf his skills but the couldnt fix it? Nah, I dont buy that.

Nerfing skills is easier then fixing an underlying issue, take a look at panzer and ronin currently took months before they were sorted out