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this game is so unfair, i mean it’s a computer that controls 80% of your team. one match your allies act like trained assassins and the next match they act like a donald trump in a fight (ow! bone spurs, time out). what’s up with all that?

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AI controls also 80% of the opponents team. I mean yeah, the AI don’t always play perfect but I wouldn’t say it’s unfair, since it’s… fair.

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I was astonished how high in power you are with all this stupid and useless threads you start…

The AI can save you if can kill you. It happens both so in average the AI is doing okay. If the AI would always play godlike the matches would end in 20 seconds and you do not need to play. Plus you have marking skills and some other tricks to direct the AI into the direction you want.

It wil be fair if they play all matches the same as good or as bad but sometimes they play godlike and other matches they play like shit
So make them bad or good it doenst matter as long as they always play good or bad then its fair to all people
I see a lot of matches I win because my ai is good/decent but if I am on a wining streak with the same team they can play 3matches in a row so terrible that they dont heal or dont even do some decent damage
As example my nightingale shoots 60k each shot and sometimes ahe doesnt even do 200k damage in a 2min match
Or they dont even heal once in a match that I lose

It would make sense to me if AI would start by aiming for enemies that are “vulnerable” to their element.

It would not only make the AI more useful for damage but it would allow people to strategize around that mechanic. I’d also like to see AI not shoot cover so much.

I know there are some games that I basically have to write off because my Mandrake gets focused by 5x enemies right off the bat, post-game shows him taking 60k+ DPS for the first few seconds before he died. There’s really nothing you can do in those situations.

Yup, and on the flip side I have been in matches where I have my main target down to less than 20% and get literally no help from my AI because they are all focusing the worst target possible (Gammond, near full life, still has several seconds from shield if they do get him low, no taunt or real reason to focus him at all).

It sucks, but it’s whatever. You would think they would give AI SOME sort of script to follow, but it’s just another completely random factor in the game like what power level team you will be faced against.

I agree with pretty much everything in here in theory. I would of course like for an AI that operates on the same brainwaves I do.

But then, if the AI was acting like that, I believe it would be practically impossible for someone a little less leveled to win at anything.

To me, the “fickelness” of the Ai basically explains why everyone should have a shot at division 1, getting both good/bad luck streaks. But only the determined players will find a way to the top of the rankings.

God knows it would be an improvement if we could input some choice in how the ai will prioritize targets. IE, a few templates like

  • low health enemy first
  • healers first
  • element weakness first
  • depth weakness first
  • high dps first
  • support

ideally, this could be specified at matchup when you see the enemy,s lineup.
But i’d take a overall setting too

This would lead to 30 second matches with running only. If all the AI would attack the same opponent, he has no chance of surviving.

If that selection would be the only criteria used sure.

But if you make so that this is just priority 1 rule, it still has to obey the other ones to a certain degree too.

I wish I could explain it as clearly as i see it in my head.

Here’s a draft.

Each individual hero should individually identify which target makes most sense for him/her to fire on according to a few factor.

Exemple of factor needed to compile :

  • Accuracy of distance / spread of amo
  • Elemental bonus damage
  • Likelyhood of being targetted by friendly unit
  • Visibile to this hero ( invisibility should have a 2-3 second delay before impacting, letting you shoot in the general direction you were already shooting before processing the target has disapeared)
  • Role (healing, support, dps, etc (use the role specification here, and cross-value with your own role)
  • Living

each of these criteria would evaluate each npc on a cycle (frequency TBD).

Each of these criteria should be awarded a weight to properly set up priority in the selection.

What i was talking about earlier is to be allowed to skew the weight factor a bit in facor of a particular criteria.

[post to be continued with exemple test data later]

I agree that AI behaviour needs to be improved. All i know is AI prioritizing dodging so much even in 100%-kill situations.

But in my opinions, if there’s gonna be a gambit (final fantasy 12 reference) or series of moves like that, that’s somehow beat the purpose of switching between heroes (game) in match right?And people will tend to control 1 hero without switching unless that hero die.

but, i’m okay with only to choose 1 order to 1 hero, likes:
hero a = latest target
hero b = enemy player
hero c = player
hero d = lowest enemy HP
hero e = elemental advantage