Hideo (Gold) underwheling or me being spoiled?

I love Hideo! He was one of the first characters I got and he helped me aaaa loooot. His AoE attack is amazing and his crazy leap is more than super helpful.
I recently started to promote characters to Gold and I started with Mandrake - by popular demand. I decided that my next Gold hero should be my beloved Hideo.
While “Momentum” is a good idea; Hideo will basically always have his damage boosted, the effect is a bit on the low side. At skill level 42 (my current maximum) it’s 288 / charge to a total of 3 charges. I don’t remember the damage output for the lowest level but it didn’t scale too much.

Do you think that Hideo’s Momentum is a good skill or meh? Would it make more sense to make Momentum his Silver skill and his powerful leap attack Gold?

Well, the damage is neutral, which can help him deal with bio enemies easier (neutral damage doesn’t get reduced or increased by elements), and 288 x 3 is 864.

864 extra damage per bullet is good enough, in my opinion.

Mmm… no. Bronze and Silver are active skills, while Gold and Plat are passive skills, and the unlocking order doesn’t necessarily mean they are better or worse. Take a look at Mandrake, who has, probably, the worst plat skill but has an amazing Gold and a good Bronze, or Gammond, whose Gold is questionable and his Bronze and Silver are incredible.

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Yeah, I guess it adds up. 834 extra damage in a continuous stream is better than, let’s say, 5000 extra damage for each 10:th hit, but it still sounds cooler with higher numbers. I will play around with my Gold Hideo for a while to see if the effect is gaining my trust eventually.