Let's talk about Surge

So the month of the Patriots is emerging.
My 6* Silver Surge might come in handy so I will pump bucks into his skills to make him competitive again.
Thing is, I hate Surge. But is he worth promoting to Gold? His Gold skill itself doesn’t look too impressive so I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes to put effort into this promotion.

The gold skill is shit in my opinion, because it only hits if the opponent is lifted up. The DMG is nice to have, but nothing you need, expacially not for the raids. The opponents should be down, before his gold kicks in.

I wouldnt realy push his skills, just make him gold for the extra HP and DMG.

Level 70 is coming, so you will need the bucks for your top heroes.

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Like in every game, the weakest one becomes the strongest one with new update, forget the gold and improve him to platinum, one of the best skills in HH.
I apologize for my english, It still under construction lol

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I still have not promoted anyone to Platinum but just started with Dogface. I will look into Surge next, thanks for the advice!

And your English is fine!

Surges Platin sounds better then it is. Its below 1k heal a second and movement and reload speed isnt something you really need.

I have a few Platinum heroes now and in a week moment yesterday I gambled and the dice fell on Surge. He’s 8* so having him Platinum;ed feels kinda OK. He’s still Gold +1 so there a bit left but did they buff his Platinum skill since we wrote here in June? I looked at another player’s Surge and it said he restores about 4000 health / second. Sounds good enough.

It’s a (single) random ally though, so that really limits the skill.

Yeah I’m aware of it. Let’s see how it plays out. Gold+3 now. This is my least exciting Platinum promotion yet I hope it’ll make Surge somewhat useful since having a 8* that never gets used is a waste.

his only gold benefit is that they take damage now when lifted. its something.

What’s the duration of this skill?

Yes it’s a very bad gold skill. :slight_smile: It has a high chance of not doing anything at all.

Infinite. You can only have one active, but it starts loading as soon as you use it. So you can trap someone and keep it ready so the moment you kill the poor soul, you can root someone else


I like it.