What is the most useless gold ability

What is the most useless gold ability you have tested in the game
For me is gammond (never activated)

What is your opinion with the most useless gold ability among heroes
Post your opinions based on your experiance

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Mandrake and caine :joy:

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Bolt and Castellan have decent gold skills. The most useless one is Gammond’s without a doubt, but Phoenix’s is pretty crap too since it never activates either.

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You’re kidding! Both are awesome. You ARE kidding. Right?

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I’d also say that Panzer has a terrible gold skill. And Phoenix - however hers could be nice and awesome if they redesigned it (again).

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I don’t think Castellan’s gold can be called decent. Since his turret doesnt do anything, making it tankier doesnt help, neither.

But yeah, it seems the general consensus is that Gammond’s gold is as good as nothing.
I’ve been playing for almost 4 months and I only saw it active once. My Gammond is plat 8* and has gold skill 21. I can’t bother wasting bucks in such a skill.

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Yeah im just kidding


Kidding ??
The only difference i felt after having him gold is his total power increased.lol

Phoenix’s skill is actually pretty good once they updated it. I’ve had it trigger pretty consistently in pvp for me, and I haven’t even had her very long.
I would say Fischer’s gold is pretty useless, since it’s proc chance is so low, and he only gets invisiblity and bonus damage for three seconds, which is not nearly enough time, considering he gets an equal amount of bonus damage with his plat, that damage lasts for thirty seconds, and it stacks.

Gotta give it to Phoenix’ updated Bronze skill also. Now it’s actually killing enemies - not Phoenix herself.

Oh, her bronze is insane now. It will kill any mech hero in pvp, regardless of health

Gammond is easily the most useless. He is a frontliner and so almost never the last man standing, even when he - its because I’ve chosen to ignore him and just blow out his backline so he just dies in 2 seconds in 5v1 anyway.

Cross has a trashy gold due to all the conditions attached (enemy must die after being damage by him, only a 50% chance, and still not a big deal even if it triggers).

Surge too, the whole point of lift is that your team can focus them, the DoT is insignificant, even then his silver doesn’t even offer a guaranteed lift…

Hardscope too since he’s already an attractive target, requiring him to stay exposed for a moderate damage bonus is just silly - his whole playstyle is to stay alive until healing drone/rockets.

Steele’s would be neat but realistically he’s never going to be left undamaged for 5 seconds in PvP.

Castellan gold is trash, would be decent if his sentry even mattered.

Panzer has a bad one too since it depends on dead allies, it would be much more fun if it was triggered by enemy summons (drones, holograms, turrets, etc.)

Beck’s evasion field is also trash because it only lasts for 1 seconds… 1 second! A 10% chance for a 1-second buff that gives a 30% chance to dodge + small heal is just way too limited.

wait is hardscope a gal

Nope, Hardscope is definitely a guy

While I agree with most of these, I find Hardscope to be brutal for dealing with bio enemies. It can almost x3/x4 your damage, since the damage boost is unaffected by element.

And while spending 3 secs out of cover is dangerous, it guarantees the first headshot (and probably a few more), which plays nicely with his plat skill.

Yeah, Hardscope’s gold is far from useless in my opinion. That damage boost can be absolutely killer, and the fact that it used to be 6 seconds out of cover instead of three seconds makes it truly usable and deadly.

Hardscop is good indeed but kuinichi has a bad gold ability ist very restricted

Kunoichi’s gold used to not work at all, but they fixed it, and it’s a literal killer. It is slightly restrictive, since to get the most out of it, you need to run a team that can root and stun. However, since Kunoichi has a powerful stun ability on her own, she can really rip through heroes with it