Highest level in Mins Dangersimulator

I am just curious. How far did you get? I got killed at stage 65. Shrinked opponents. AI missed 8 of 10 shots :roll_eyes:

I’m stuck at 36 :rage:

Currently here

I can’t beat 70. All this drones combined with halo is just to much, I have to figure out who to kill first. Guess it should be Halloway since he is hard to get down as soon as his drones are out, because of his gold skill.

I can’t get past level 29

I can’t even kill 1 boss in the boss level of wave 30. How do I do it???

How do you get passed wave 30 the boss wave? My power lever is about 8000 over recommended, yet I can’t kill 1 of the 5 bosses before time runs out?

What do you use, and what do you need to win?

New achievement

Wow :scream:

Is it just me or is it very depended on which bonuses the opponents get?

I’m still stuck at 70 btw :expressionless:

I think I broke the Simulator

They just gave up because there is no chance stopping you anyway :sweat_smile: