Mins danger simulator: a very stupid idea

I was so hyped for scavenger hunt were you face wave after wave today I tried it my self and thought the idea was neat but than saw the stupidest game design ever your suppose to face opponents based on you team power and your level I am level 44 and my team power is 24000 + I used gold 4 cinder gold 4 anvil gold 4 matador and gold 3 dog face and normal gold himlock I completed the 15 waves and now the bosses just come and one shot my heroes phalanxes shield ability doesn’t work as it should have been heroes waste there skill on normal enemies and die instantly to bosses what you should have done is maded the prizes 30 candy and increase from there so players had to fight for more but you maded bosses based on our level how am I supposed to get my team above platinum before this event end just to complete that one wave I have tried many combinations it doesn’t work you intentionally made them strong enough to kill your heroes cause they spawn based on your team really disappointed :pensive: this was my favourite game don’t know how this stuff is coming out from me really really good game over all but this is such a let down your quoting “this is based on your team level”and you have to do it with maximum effort and strategy but it’s just for the players that are already established in the game


I only read the first line and wanna inform you that Scavenger Hunt and the “wave after wave” event are two different things.
What more you wrote I don’t know because it’s such a wall of text. I got a headache. Sorry you’re not having fun. Personally I love both events.

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I read a bit more now.
We’re all gonna hit a wall where we can’t progress, personally I can’t beat wave 30 yet. Gotta pump my team up.

  1. That was a bit of a trainwreck to read.

  2. They’re not exactly going to make it a cakewalk. It IS doable, though.

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Really all this is based on my team strength? I once stumbled on level 30, I’ve exchanged Panzer against Dog and marched to wave 49 without losing again. admittedly for Wave 50 I needed a few attempts. The problem was that my main team had 20k less power than given

20K less? Woah, so I might be able to beat level 50 as well?
Don’t have time now but I got to 45 just a while ago and hit a wall.


Tried again. 45 is definitely the wall for me.


I tried again. I won now. :slight_smile: 1 second left.

I still haven’t beaten the last wave. My team is 20k under as well (think its generally by design). My issue is the gorgon and trying to do enough damage to it. I mainly just run out of time since it doesn’t open up enough for me to pummel it with damage and it doesn’t show its back to easily break its covering.

Anyone have hints or team comps they found effective?

I wasn’t asking for it to be easy 5 of my friends have the same problem all of our levels are different mine is level 44 his is 57 we both are stuck on wave 20 we all tried different combinations not working rest of my friends said they have given up on this

I don’t hate the event for being hard or anything challeng is something that draws you back every time I am not saying I am frustrated about not progressing in the game the wave thing is designed on your level me and 5 of my friends tried with different teams different heroes we all got stuck at wave 20 . you cant progress because if you defeat a wave they become more stronger than your strongest team and it keeps happening first wave 10 than 15 and 20 becomes too much . How is my strongest team power 24k is supposed to beat a team with 36k power? Everything else in the game is fine I was only mad because this didn’t just happened to me only my friends were having the same issue I am in no way a bad player and trying to take my frustration out on the game for loseing or anything just saying this wave thing does not work for lower level players

That’s because you have been playing the game for a long time how am I supposed the beat it a low level player you probably have a lot of hero’s I only have 6 or maybe 8 usable in such situations I can’t put low level and low promoted heroes and I can’t just get a hero to gold 4 in a day . What I am trying to say is how can my level 24k team suppose to beat a level 34k team? Bosses just enter and start killing my heroes one by one this wave thing isn’t designed for players below 60

My wave 50 recommended power was somewhere around 87k and the team I used to beat it was 73k so don’t take recommended power too seriously. Maybe try switching up your team comp to better fit the enemies you’re going to meet in that wave. If it’s a bunch of bio’s for example, try switching to an energy-heavy squad.

I get what your saying but it doesn’t work for example I am up against hive mind halo hard scope senatory what I should do is take a mech squad but I have gold 4 medator gold 3 dog face simple gold Steele bolt keel beck and hadeo what I am trying to say is beside dog face and medator other won’t stand a chance that’s what’s the real problem for everyone below level 50 they only have 6 or 7 hero’s which are good promoted (gold 4)nice skills and levels but rest of there hero’s aren’t like me I only have 5 gold 4 and others are on simple gold I can’t switch a gold 4 hero with a gold hero that’s what I am trying to say and I can’t just get enough hero’s to gold 4 before this event end

I’ve beaten wave 55 with 30k power less then recommend

Tell me the hero’s you used and there ranks

They just slaughter my heroes your method can’t be applied to every one not every one has all there hero’s on exact same level stars and rank

First off all, switch hideo with Mandrake, I don’t know if steel is useful but I’d probably switch him to

Min’s Danger Simulator is the first time I’ve been challenged and excited about a game mode since I started.

All other’s have been a short shoot and scoot.

Once I hit wave 35 I have to seriously sit down and think about my team.

Every fifth wave I was losing and adjusting. I beat wave 50 after probably 15 failed attempts and with a frustrated smile. But it was a challenge! We don’t have those in this game.

At your level, unfortunately you won’t be able to reach Wave 50. Cater to one, demonize the other…