Min's danger simulator

I can’t get passed the boss wave 30. My power level is about 8000 over recommended, but I can only get 1 boss killed before time runs out. Is there a special order I should be killing the bosses in?

Butter has to die first, then Prophet. After that, I’d take out Baron and save vanguard for last. Of course, everyone has to use a different approach based on their heroes. Try this And see how it works. Pay attention to how the better goes and if you fail take note of who caused your failure. Was it the opponent, if so who? Was it you or your heroes? Perhaps it’s a mix of things. Make changes to address your issues. For you it sounds like a lack of dps. Try Dogface, 2 shielders, and 2 healers. Save up your skills on Dogface so you begin wave 30 ready to kill. Good luck.

The only key to success is “try … try … and try…” I had tried for eave 35 and 40 about 200 times and only then I’m able to clear that event . So brother font lose hope just keep it going and going and going…

The opponents power is calculated by your top teams power. Since your top 5 are more than 20% of you overall team power.
Your damage dealers and your heals are low in relation to your top team. Your Kobold and Flatline are make it almost impossible to get far in the Dangersimulator.

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