Hivemind bounty bug

Not sure if it’s supposed to be this way, but when in the hivemind bounty he summons his drones like normal and they follow him as expected. When they follow him to the next round you can’t shoot them anymore and it won’t let you move to the next round until the drones he summoned before are dead. Wasted almost two round of shooting because of this.

That sounds like a bug. When a summoner leaves (Hivemind, Halloway, Castellan), their summons stay as extra minions for that wave. They should move with the bounty to the next stage

I had something similar.

Impossible to do anything

Screenshot_20180902-163002 Screenshot_20180902-163006

I’ve noticed that sometimes when they change waves, they cast skills from the new position (I saw a Savage kill my hero from wave 2 while I was killing minions in wave 1)

Maybe this is what happening? The bounty reaches a new location and does a summoning skill, creating a mob in the new wave that you have no real way to kill

This drone flew after him, then I couldn’t get a shot against it

Oh, well, that sucks

Haven’t seen that one. The one I keep experiencing is when the bounty gets hit with a stun as he’s about to run to the next wave. Your heroes leave him there stunned and sometimes he just stays put and can’t be shot until the wave 3 timer starts. Then he catches up.

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My favourite was when Hideo humped onto one of my snipers just at the very last second of the wave. When my heroes moved to the next wave, hideo was running with them, side by side

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