Kaishi bounty target still bugged

Everytime he comes in bounties he casts his silver Revenge strike. And then comes the phase shift in battle and instead of the debuff getting deleted, it gets refreshed, so you have a double lockout time from most skills. Why is this STILL not fixed? I have noticed it in every bounty since he is a possible target.

The box timer gets refreshed but the actual skill doesn’t. You can see if the skill is still active by looking at Kaishei’s head, when it is active he has a green glowing crown. The timer may refresh between waves but the skill will actually stop despite the debuff icon being there

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This is the first I’ve ever heard of this!

It helps to follow forum guidelines. They’re not just there because I like rules. Player support is the best place to send bug reports. If your goal is “I want something fixed immediately by the time I hit Send” then nothing will ever achieve that, but going through support is your best bet for reporting bugs.

If bugs only get talked about in other channels, there’s no guarantee they’ll get to us with the information we need to solve the issue. Talk to support, be kind patient, and follow all instructions.


Yes it happens, if kaishi uses his SILVER skill in 1st wave and it ends just when the timer of 1st wave completes, the silver skill replicates and get activated again . It’s too annoying sometimes

I get your point Muninn but what is the feedback forum there for if not for reporting bugs like that? You could forward this to the devs too, could you not? I mean, what’s the point of an official forum if none of the officials even read it?
At least this is what your response kind of implicates to me.

When you use the support desk, it grants the agents access to account logs, and they can ask you specific questions about your instance of this issue without twelve other voices piping in to confuse things. It keeps bug reporte to one channel for easy monitoring.

Report wherever you want, but understand it’s like throwing extra balls at a juggler who already has a routine planned for the crowd, and things may drop. I can’t promise we’ll always get to issues not reported according to the forum rules. In the time you took to ask why you didn’t have to contact support, you could have contacted support :slight_smile:

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I did contact them directly too, though i think they misunderstood the issue and may have misinterpreted it for me saying that kaishi in general replicates his silver during transitions. But the general topic is only Kaishi being a bounty target. I tried to be more specify that point. We will see, thanks.

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