Upgrade Hivemind?

So I normally use Hivemind for when I do Gauntlet. I do all of it on auto because its easier… But what annoys me is when there is cloaked people. I noticed it when his three drones were attacking Saphyre then she cloaks and they stop. So I got to thinking I can only think of a couple characters that can attack cloaked people or targets them for others. So maybe have Hives drones can attack people and that obvious red line can “mark” the cloaked character for others? Or at the very least just have the drones be able to keep attacking cloaked since they are state of the art war machines that can literally suck the life out of you . I think this would make Hivemind a better character to use in PvP and such. It was just a thought. Thank you for your time!


You realize that Hivemind can never be a pvp hero due with his skills needing a long time to charge

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I kinda like this idea; his drones basically get to mark invisible enemies for his teammates. It wouldn’t be a bad little buff for him, especially since there aren’t too many who can mark cloaked targets now (I think it’s only Nightengale, Wesson, and Ifrit). Yosai’s right though in saying that he’ll probably never be viable for pvp, due to the long wait time of his skills.

Yeah now that you mention it, his skills do take quite a bit to fill. But still I think it would be a nice little buff.

havemind is pretty nice hero just little buffs required to push him in good hero list by the way i like your idea about cloked heros

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