Hothead decided to ruin hero hunter

Hothead Decided to ruin hero hunter before they handover this game to deca and Current Bounty pattern forced many Players to leave the game and its not good sign for this game future and if DECA won’t look out in to it then trust me they will get this game from hothead without old players who are playing since 3 to 4 years

Rest your wish, I Am one more Bounty away to uninstall this game


Just cause it’s a change you think they ruining it. Give it a shot. This makes ruby 5 and 6 more of an achievement now. I’m glad about the changes. Happy hunting. Hero hunters for life. Day 1 player



What if… this recent bounty milestones already an idea from DECA?


True it could be DECA idea. We will never know.

We will never know…


They being honest and opened about who is the genius behind this milestone idea…
Right? :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, the idea is to stretch out the time it takes for an account to be maxed out. So that you spend more (of everything).

I don’t know what type of gear is needed to get pass ruby+0 but as has happened before: it seems just as you get close to a significant milestone the format changes. Some make it before the change

WWJD. What will you do?

As they have stated:

Thanks everyone who’s given feedback so far here and on the Discord. We appreciate it.

Like I’ve said, things can change in the future. We’re collecting all information, and will be following up as a group after the event to discuss improvements. We are informed not only by hearing your feedback, but through in-game data so we can get an even better picture of where things can be improved upon.

If this weekend’s event is not for you, take a break this weekend, and we hope we’ll see you for future events.

Thanks again

The game isn’t “ruined” after some event. Just wait what they gather from the feedback.

Closing thread. We have threads open already on this topic.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is only one event.