Dogface Secretly Nerfed?

Well it’s not just me, it’s being observed all throughout the community- dogface has changed. Is this a secret nerf of just a common cold? A bug?

Would appreciate an official word on the changes to 1 of 3 dps hero’s used. Others being panzer and odachi. While I’m torn at the moment on my stance whether any dps hero deserves a nerf I’m pretty livid these secret nerfs take place after you watch the community pour so many resources into improving the only hero’s that can shorten a match’s length.

Not exactly sure on the terminology that’s most apppropiate but I can say without equivocation that while both heavy cal, and fire at will do work- they have been nerfed to a speed that’s on even par with any normal burst without his skills. This is a huge difference. Moreover, it’s just aggravating these things come without warning because it does require users to make the necessary adjustments to loadouts to compensate for weaker dps hero’s. This isn’t the end all be all, just would like clarity if this is the new norm or just a bug.


We havent made any unnanounced changes to any Heroes.

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Cheers for the quick response! I’ll chalk it up to isolated experiences then. Needless to say, the dog will be watching for any irregularities.

I haven’t noticed any major changes to him. Maybe it’s just the brawl event where he doesn’t gain bonus damage vs energy heroes anymore? It’s making his DPS seem lower vs heroes like Flatline and Nightingale? He should have quicker rate of fire and more crit for the event to help compensate though.

The lower attack speed OP noticed may be due to the elemental brawl reducing rate of fire of mech heroes by 20% (x0.8)

Also in campaign, dogface rate of fire is much slower than PvP/coop