How does Crit Bonus Work?

Like, if I get a 1000 crit bonus, does that mean my crits do 110% damage?

I would assue your critical hits deal 1000 more damage in that case. I am not sure.

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I think I’ll be able to tell if I get a platinum Matador, since his passive adds a crit bonus, but that’s a heavy price to pay for a little information.

Since they have crit bonus and crit percentage I have to agree with ULFPAM. The bonus would apply to the damage when you score a crit. Percent would be the chance you land a crit.

I’d say that if the skill add 1000 crit bonus then your hero crit hit will deal 1000 more damage to oponents

I think you’re right, but that seems to benefit characters with low damage and a high rate of fire (e.g. a Matador) more than snipers.