Critical chance

I upgrade the skin of commander to lvl6 and now i have 9% of critical chance.
Can someone explain me how the critical chance works?

Each attack has a certain chance, out of 100%, to be a critical hit. 9% critical chance means he has a 9/100 chance of getting a critical hit.

It means each bullet has a 9% chance of being a critical hit. The stat called “Critical Damage” will tell you how much stronger a critical hit will be (usually 200%, or double damage), but it doesn’t account for skills, which can grant additional Crit Chance and/or Crit Damage.

Critical damage is a spike in damage against an enemy. Critical chance is the likelihood per shot it will occur.

Heroes like Caine and Moss boost critical hit rates, which in turn help boost damage.

It’s the chance at which a critical hit can occur. A 50% crit chance means out of a shot there’s a 50% chance of it being a crit. A crit deals increased damage. There are quite some heroes who benefit a lot from it

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