How is Francoise still terrible?

Maybe no one cares, but I certainly do (and have posted about it before). After seeing Both Caine, Flatline, and Oracle fill amazingly into the support/healing type category, its glaringly obvious Francoise (who is a 5 star btw) offers nothing of value.

First off, her attack chews through ammo and has a fast reload. But her damage is pitiful and her accuracy is not great especially for a backliner. If you compare her attack style in term of fire rate, its very similar to the new hero Oracle. Oracle has more ammo per clip, but a longer reload so they are very similar. However, oracle does far more damage and is far more accurate. Both backliners, both 5 star, both play a support style roll (one a buffer/healer, the other to soften up enemies, but both support).

Second, her abilities are all just bad. Her basic ability is OK. But compare this to either Caine or Flatlines basic ability. Each provide a much better result. Flatline is more a straight up healer, and caine more a support roll. But Francoise does a little healing and a little buffing so shes somewhere in the middle and in each department she sucks. Caine also has an ability that makes his bronze ability cooldown quicker so he even has it more readily available. Lastly, both Caine and Flatline are more useful in combat. Caine is quite good, while Flatline is subpar. But even as a subpar 3 star unit, her basic attack is STILL better than francoise.

Point being - even with this recent update Francoise is still terrible while other heroes got a buff. I hardly ever see her used except on random pvp teams where people either dont know what they are doing or auto battling through their guys for extra pvp points. My suggestions:

  • Her basic attack needs a damage boost. Nothing too crazy, but at least inline with Oracle in terms of overall dps.
  • Her bronze ability needs a faster cooldown or a gold/ plat passive that makes it cooldown faster. She needs to be able to spread buffs more and pass as a decent healer. Right now shes not even a reliable secondary healer imo.
  • Her silver should have better results for the long cast time. Her immediate channel of self healing is fine, but maybe if she keeps it up for a full 8 seconds, the buff automatically transfer to the team? Or at least one of her buffs transfers to everyone? 8 seconds is really long for any cast time and the result right now isnt even close to worth it. Anyone who knows how to use her only uses it for 2 seconds if they need to heal her, then rolls out of it.

Right every other hero does her job better. If she was a 1-3 star type unit i would understand, but as a 5 star she is beyond trash. Please please please fix her.


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