Possible New Francoise Meta

Composition - Francoise, Caine, Moss

Purpose - The 3 best heroes for crit hits, they all have supportive abilities, allowing for weaker opponents, good damage and support, making it tough to beat

Francoise providing the team with crit hit chance when outnumbered and heals the team with small but efficient heals, when it gets tough she is able to provide the team with a massive damage boost, it’s even possible to provide the entire team with the boost, she is the teams orientation

Caine providing shields and annoyance for the opponents, he deals good damage there to, the shields and reflects can be copied by francoise her bronze to spread the buff around and provides small crit chance, he is the teams support and side-damage dealer

Moss providing the team with great heals in mid game and providing health when a crit is dealt, he also gives a small crit bonus, he is the teams healer

Strength - good against 5 player teams and possibly Pve, insane crits take out opponents quickly and provides with great mid game boosts

Weakness - 2 And 3 Hero teams, a large margin of the crit hit chance is lost when there are less opponents, and as the 2 hero team has strong heroes they can easily take out your heroes to deplete your crit chances making your team’s strength useless

https://youtu.be/lzfPPtihtSI Here is an example of what the team can do when allies are killed and how Francoise copied the shield from Caine to himself!

Hope you can enjoy this team in pvp!

It’s not a new meta and has been around for a long time, if you want to double it up then I suggest adding phalanx for her platinum boost to the team with either a dps such as commando or serial or a staller such as castellian. It’s a support heavy team however so you would need to watch out for the more common meta of 2 dps rather than 1 now. Meta used to be 1 dps and 4 support such as the team suggested above, but now it is 2 dps, tank and support.


I really don’t like to face 5 heroes vs 2/3/4 hero teams as they are really unfair in terms of PVP Gems and Hero Lives to me. Also they are quite hard to beat as they are Min-Maxed. Don’t think this is the way, this game is supposed to be played . I hate such players as instead of Grinding in PVP, they are exploiting the loopholes in the Algorithm to get to Top Rank in Events.


Good observation but,sad to say that u r very very very late :slightly_smiling_face: to observe this

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If its possible its supposed to be played, if i couldnt play with a 10 star ronin and a 3 star greenie it wouldnt be how i was supposed to play