How is my team punished in pvp?

What am I doing to be punished with a 10k under opponent matchup? My heros are all platitum 3-5 bar, all have max skills and are lvl90. 1 is 9* rest are 10* lowest hero power is about 2k off highest so power range is close given 17k+ heros.

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The lose isn’t my issue. It’s the consistent 8-10k power difference in teams.

Great question I would love to know the answer to. Easy enough to add a star to siren if that is the issue.

Been focusing on the new heros each month, and with so many engery heros lately siren took a back seat for now. Would love a developers input on the matter.

Kurtz, that’s why you lost. :laughing:

I’ve beaten kurtz several times. I’m not posting due to kurtz or the loss, the fact that my team is well balanced yet got put against a team 10k power higher.

The system overcompensates/overadjusts for star discrepancy.

That is 10% total power difference and very acceptable.
If we play at 50k, we might face 55k opponents. That is 10% difference, acceptable.
If we play at 25k and we face 35k , thats too much…

You bring maximum hero, and your opponent bring maximum hero. You bring many stars and your opponent bring many stars too, that is not punishment or penalty…
I know that facing an opponent with 10% greater power is sucks. So I think that is just a bad luck, but the matchmaking just look normal.

Part of the problem is that Power isn’t a be-all-end-all, and people put too much focus on it.

There’s elemental advantage, roles and team comp, Hero specifics, player skill, etc. to take into account. There’s also the tendency to see a higher power team and get into a particular mindset that isn’t conducive to winning.

If Hero Power was all that mattered, you would match up and be given a win instantly without playing. You play the match because there’s more going on than just some rough numbers that give a general indication of a Hero’s power.


precisely. I regularly win AND lose to teams with 8-10k more power than the team i’m using. If you think you lost solely because the other team had a higher power, then i’d say you are doing yourself a real disservice of not studying your team comp and the opposing team comp to see why you really lost.

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Ive been at 30k and played 65k teams, still took their milk and cookies… FOR FREE

I’ve actually seen this quite a bit too where im running a team of 10 stars 4 bar and gets matched with 10 stars 5 bars. It was over before the match ever started.

I would like to know the same thing. I run balanced and they min max yet I get a penalty?


That makes no sense as to why you got matched with 2 x 9 stars char. I would be interested in learning what is the PvP match making algorithm or at least provide some visibility into the line of thoughts.

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The difference in power is 7.92%. Or, put differently, you had 92.09 cents to their whole dollar. And you managed to take out Panzer AND Keel despite their having three healers. I’d say you actually did quite well. The real problem here, IMO, was you didn’t have anything hitting very hard at the starting gun to back up that you only had one real healer. And you had no shields to start with to combat Panzer. It was just a poor composition matchup that had nothing to do with an 8% power difference.

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The devs posted awhile back that you will get matched against higher or lower teams if the system can’t find a more even match right away. That seems to be what happened here. It sucks but it’s better than waiting 5 minutes for a match I guess

You are missing the point of my post. Their highest is 50% higher in power vs their lowest, a 5k spread. My highest vs lowest 7%, a spread of 860. Mine is clearly balanced. Theirs is clearly not. They should be the ones penalized and going against someone higher power, not me. So why are they getting the advantage for min maxing? Getting matched like this is a very regular occurence. The only time I get matched with lower power is when they are doing some insane min max.

I actually do very well with that and similiar setups. I run with who is still alive and keeps my team balanced for the most part.

No, I understand your point just fine. I’m just not understanding the problem.

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