Mkay wat? Yeah fair

howwhat? Is this fair game? I cannot win pvp anymore it’s impossible. And pvp is important to star up heroes but what is the reason if you get insta killed.

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That’s not too bad. Sorry for the loss though!

This is why people should get a warning when they try to queue with un unbalanced team. He may be getting punished for using a 3k and a 1.5k heroes together and he doesn’t even know
(I’m not sure if he actually got punished or this was just a random match where he was just unlucky, though)

Devs should openly say what behaviors are being punished in PvP. Like, at what point you start facing enemies with higher power?

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The Devs briefly revealed people’s “true” matchmaking power in June. People were confused by the number and one Dev in VIP promised to offer a “clearer explanation” for the matchmaking number.

Instead they pulled an about-face and decided it would be better to conceal the entire system because it people knew the number they would “abuse it”.

That was the moment I became seriously skeptical that the Devs had any idea what they were doing. Dedicated players quickly figured out how matchmaking works, but all the newbies like this guy are just going to get screwed with no explanation.

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You seemed to have gotten penalized because you used a gold hero with a bunch of silver (even though you do have one silver with a few bars and close to gold rank). However, you have nearly a 2k power difference between your highest and lowest heroes with Maven being 5* gold and Flatline being 3* silver. Meanwhile your opponent only has a 600~ point power difference between their highest and lowest, and as such is not getting penalized like you are.

Honestly, the power disparity between your team and your opponents shouldn’t be enough to keep you from winning. You have an elemental advantage on them since you have mostly bio and he was playing mostly mech. I think your team set up needs work though. Switch out Maven and Call with Panzer, Dogface, Odachi, or some other DPS and you would notice a huge difference I think.

Deathleech is right, you fell into the min/max category. So you were penalized. Your team lacked a good DPS. Make sure you finish your gauntlets everyday. Spend everything on dogface only. Reset to buy more dogface. Make sure you save 500 for auto reset. Dog will help your team tremendously.

Also, until you can switch out heroes you need to make sure you have the right target priority.

In the example above your team isn’t bad with the healer set up, his team was actually much worse. You just need to burst down Clyde first, followed by Panzer. After that his team has no real damage output and only one relatively weak healer.

Thanks for all the tips guys!

Anyone know how to match equal powered teams? No matter if I’m using my strongest or weakest teams I’m outmatched by at least 6k power. Even when my weakest team of around 11k is all I have left I’m still facing teams in there’s low to mid 20k area. I’d love to have a fair match. Help please.

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