How is this even possible?

can someone explain this??

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A plausible explanation could be;
he plays a lot of PVP and Gauntlet but not much Campaign. Team Level doesn’t increase from Gauntlet and PVP as far as I know and both Gammond and Dogface are farmable from these game modes. In 171 days / VIP 10 it’s more than possible to make these heroes 10*.

Odd way of playing the game though. Each one to his own.

so weird… how will his pvp matchmaking opponents be like??
right now he is in first place in tournament in rookie div.

He should be,
no other player with that low team level will have stronger heroes than him. Let him have the #1 ranking, it’s probably the only thing be ever accomplished in life and he did it by cheating a game which is just sad.


hahaha is right ULFPAM

Wow he takes Min/max to the extreme … does he even have pride …


Hmm, kinda not cool. Seems to have figured out a way to abuse the PvP bracket system to allow them to obtain first place in every single tournament.

Simple solution: Make bracket system based on account age rather than team level.

This is what Marvel: Contest of Champions does.
0-30 days account age in a bracket.
31-99 days in another
100-199 days in another.
200+ days in the highest.

PvP crates would still be based on Team Level.


But the problem with basing it off of account age is that when people return to the game after being away for a while, they still retain their accounts, which have aged in their absence. If someone was inactive for 100 days after being active for 100 days, when they come back to the game their account will be 200 days old

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Rather than making it based on account age, just add an age restriction to the current system. Team levels still determine which bracket you fall into, but if your account is X number of days old, then you’re no longer eligible for certain brackets and get bumped up to the next.

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Putting age to the account is good and serve as a progression, additionally to give exp for PVP too. That way, no way he is able to keep his team level that Low.


Or just make PVP give xp like PVE does. Then it would be impossible for him to stay at level 13 and still participate in any events. Of course it doesn’t solve the 10* and bronze rank issue, but a number of suggestions have been made already to fix that too.

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I’ve been saying this for a while now, give xp for PvP fights destroy scum like him ,sogui and all the others that abuse the system


Yeah, I actually like that suggestion better.

I don’t see anything wrong with even a mere 5 XP per PvP win, as not to make progression too easy, but to prevent this sort of thing from happening.


I think his a hacker his strongest hero bronze one 10* and 1.8k power and he has achieved the portraits i have only seen at 71 or 72 level player with platinum heroes

@HITMAN6020, well his 10* like Dogface, Gammond and Mandrake are all easily farmed from PVP or gauntlet store. The rest is by using his fragments collected etc.

And he artificially suppressed their progression by not levelling them. That’s why you see his team can’t go more than gold due to the access to crafting items.

Yeah i see but how can anyone get 7 gold portrait in pvp event

He can play pvp that doesn’t mean he will win everytime

Portraits / avatars are unlocked from PVP when there is a special tournament going on. If he’s getting golden ones it’s because he ranks #1 in his league.

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Now i know his story he comes first and dont wants to do story to come first in rookie level everytime

Do you know where i got this info from
Easiest way : HE told me