How long does hothead typically take to reply for undelivered purchase items? Disappointed

I am sorry for writing this here, I have already raised a support ticket but I guess I am a bit disappointed

I was charged 100 usd for the super gold offer but the items were not credited to me.
I bought the offer because I really wanted to unbox some hero crates at that time.

Really hoping that hothead will credit the items asap or at least give me a refund for my 100 bucks if that is not possible :frowning:

Anyone encountered the similar issues before? Any advice on what I can do?

And have you relaunched the game? Clear the cache and try again. Sometimes there is a little delay with the purchase. Happened to me with the first time I made a purchase. Few restarts of the game and it was there

Restarted a few times and also just reinstalled the game… still the same

The offer is still on the offer page too…

When did you write your ticket?

It can take up to 72 hours, as your auto responder message states.

Closing this. Please keep support queries to the support desk.