Are you sure you want to purchase

This is my fault and I know, but I get a little trigger happy when I click my phone sometimes and because of that, I click on stupid things and accidentally buy stuff. I wish hhg would have a notification/ pop up when you’re about to buy something. So many times I have clicked opened 10 crates by accident. Gold is not easy to come by, especially since tapjoy went away. So please hhg, can you make some kind of pop up before we are about to make a purchase with gold. Thanks.


I agree with this 100%

All I ask for as well. Not a rude response

well wrote a ticket for a refund … of course , can’t get my gold back. Guy said please be careful where you click next time. Unbelievable. You go to the store, you buy a shirt, you’re unhappy you return it. You accidentally forget to unsubscribe to an auto purchase, you can still return it. Of course, hhg wont return.

I totally agree with your sentiment (the number of accidental purchases is wholly too high). But I can’t help but point out that this is a really poor analogy as there’s no “unknown” with a shirt.

It would be more accurate to compare this to buying a lottery ticket, seeing the results, and then asking for a refund. Nowhere on the planet would refund you, for obvious reasons. Now, if you accidentally bought one, that’s a different story. But how do you prove that it was an accidental purchase and not that you were simply unhappy with the results?


I know this has been asked for since the start, buy to add to that how about not including the option when you have limited frags let day. Cause it took my 80 gold for a reset and didn’t do anything. So basically lost 80 gold and sadness happened. But it shouldn’t be an option with the limited frags per day.

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