Customer support blows

Have contacted customer support for months with no response but hot head can sure take my money.

Hey Bingo, before I close this topic, I’ll give you a chance to provide reasoning.

We like our forum to be constructive and helpful, and this is neither. Was there a particular issue you’re having? Has this issue been addressed on the forum before? Blanket statements such as these don’t provide us constructive feedback on how we can improve service. Care to elaborate?


It was pretty streight forward, I contacted game support via the game support through the app for months with no response what so ever.maybe there is no more support via the application? Anyway don’t expect anything from hot head now By all means close it

Every single ticket sent in gets an automated response letting the player know to expect a follow up shortly. We then get to each ticket within 24 hours.

No response means one of the following:

  • ticket was sent via email to the wrong email instead of being sent through the in-game help functiom
  • ticket was rejected because it contained profanity (the system will still tell you why)
  • ticket was rejected due to loss of support access (due to user’s previous actions resulting in a support desk ban, which can only happen after a conversation, warnings, and opportunities to correct the abusive behavior, so you’ll know why)
  • ticket contained hateful, racist, and/or homophobic slurs, resulting in a support ban
  • ticket was auto-resolved due to lack of player response to a follow up question (system will always give a reply telling this)

It’s essentially impossible for a clean, properly sent ticket to go unanswered. We’ve never had one go missing. Is it possible you ignored the autoresponder, swore at support, or just didn’t like the answer you did receive?

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Yesterday everyone with an iPhone that was playing while I was on received Alliance War rewards for a second time and some a third time boosting them up with lots of extra Kurtz frags and all the other alliance war rewards. I have been playing and grinding every day and spending hard earned money here, this week alone I have spent over two hundred dollars and advanced very little. I have gotten Surge frags out of the guilded crate three times in a row and Gammond two times before that. It is very frustrating to me as I keep getting the same stuff over and over from crates and others get unearned and unpaid for rewards that I have been trying so hard to obtain through game play and cash. I find it very unfair that so many get a boost and get an advantage over me through this glitch because I happen to use an Android instead of an iPhone.
I have really enjoyed playing this game but don’t know if I will continue.

Thank you for your time and consideration concerning this matter and for letting me voice my frustration.

Ah, so you didn’t get the response you wanted, then. That’s different from No Response.