Does Hot Head still respond to in game support?

I have tried to get in game support on several occasions with no response at all. Does Hot Head even still manage the in game support?

We do! Our response time is currently between 1 and 48 hours, depending on the day. If you’re not getting support, it could be for a number of reasons.

  1. Previously banned after several warnings
  2. Not responding to support replies, resulting in automatic ticket closure
  3. Not liking the response you receive, which some people equate to “no response at all.”

If your situation doesn’t fall into one of these categories, PM me with the email address you used to contact support, and your in-game name, and I’ll find out what may have happened to your ticket.


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Do you have an email I could send you some s reen shots that would make it easier for yoj to understand what I am talking about. And thank you for your response!

you could always attach the screenshots within the in-game support. just wait for their response

Screenshots of what, exactly? Basically, all I need is your email used to contact support, and your in-game name to verify. That’s all that’s needed. I’m not going to mediate between you and support. I’m going to check and ensure your tickets are going through and provide an explanation if they’re not.

You can PM me those two things I asked for so I can assist you, but there’s nothing that could be contained in a screenshot that we would require. Just those two things I asked for.

yes they do. All the past 3 times i sent an ingame support i got an answer in less than 24 hrs

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To be clear: we do provide support. Those three instances I listed above are generally why support tickets don’t get replies, or the replies you were expecting.