Best way to spend my gold

well i am pretty new in this game (i play for 5 days)
and i want to know what is the best way to use my gold
i thinking about buy a 5 star hero for 1500 gold like Heimlock that he is the best healer that i know,
or wait until i will save 2700 gold and summon the 10 pack .
maybe i should wait for special crates ?
i am VIP 0 and i am not gonna spend money on this game in the near future

I think the best way to spend it is on the hero crates. Especially early on.

ok ty
i will wait to 2700 gold cause 5 star hero guaranteed

Yes definitely the 10 pack is the first gold purchase i would recommend. After that, you will have plenty of options and guys to work on. If after that you have gaps like healer or DPS, you can consider the 500 or 1500 gold purchases to make sure you get what you need.

You can’t buy the 10x pack for 2700 gold if you are not VIP 1 at least.

Oh…i did not know that. I must have done a simple purchase before i did my 10 pack since I am VIP 2. I bought my 10 pack with Tapjoy rewards.