Now how can get serial frags?

Serial frags is substituted for fiber frags at alliance war. And now, how can I get serial frags?
I’am closer to win that hero, for help me to beat extreme missions, but now I’am disapointed to this situation, and I thinking to stop play the game for several time or give up play the game…

You’re basically saying you’re quitting the game if they remove serial from war rewards?

yes, Serial is being replaced with a different War hero this upcoming War season. What we don’t know is if there would be another way to win more Serial frags. Maybe for now find a different way to beat a mission that isnt heavily based off one hero. You have over 100 heroes to choose from, dont let one hero dictate the entire thing.

Maybe just dump him into those regular hero crates?

Kurtz was the first war hero, Serial was the second, Fiber is the third. Because Kurtz frags are found outside of war rewards now, the same will be true of Serial.

No hero is completely unobtainable, keep looking in crates to see where and how he will be added.

There’s no choice in extreme lol all the others can’t replace him in extreme simple !!!

There is… I didn’t really use Serial in Extreme until 1-5. I used Razorback and Matador and got 3stars and passed the missions respectively. I guess it was lucky but I actually didn’t need Serial until recently .Also I got Kurtz and Serial with only some war but mostly from just stacking and opening boxes. Upgrading your heroes might help as Hivemind is pretty good at getting up drones supplying health and Razorback taunts and deals damage with his shield. You would actually need to switch to Hivemind quickly getting up the drones and will have a chance to pass the mission.

Ok, my hivemind is a 10 stars hero and platinum level 4. I will try with that hero, thanks

No problem! All you need is a good tank and a good healer. I had the same problems before without having Serial or Kurtz but still managed to get around the extreme missions.

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