How to get someone off of your account

Anyone have any tips to get rid of the a-hole attempting to steal my account? Is there a way to kick other users from it if it was hacked? Apart from HHG which is unable to help because my family member logged in to play for me while I was on vacation…


Change your login. What you have it linked to.

Already have done that

You need to contact support as changing passwords doesn’t matter once an account is synced to a device the only way to remove it is to get a hold of said device and delete the game so the account is lost without the appropriate login details to resync.

You could try and contact support to get them to remove devices from your account if they can do that, I would try and contact this person who is playing on your account and get them to delete the game or delete it off your phone yourself. The only thing you can hope they didn’t do is further resync your account to their facebook. If they have done that then please contact support either in-game or by email:

Bets of luck :slight_smile:

Already have done that before they’ve said they can’t do anything about it if you lent someone your accounts information

Then the only solution is to get on this persons phone and delete the game, never ever let someone on your account :grimacing:
Luckily the OP said this is a family member so maybe a simpler solution compared to dealing with some random stranger

It’s pretty silly should be about to reset devices like on Facebook. It shows what device is linked to your account and you can terminate that connection. My issue was I logged into someone else account to best a coop up for them. Even though I did it to his mind still showed up on his. Luckily nothing has come of it yet

Once you share your account, it is compromised. Unfortunately, we cannot modify or re-issue credentials once it’s been compromised in this way. I would also like to note that sharing accounts is against Hothead’s Terms of Use.

I would suggest following up with that family member and see what they have done with your account. If your account is connected to your Facebook, change your passwords just to be safe as well. It’s an unfortunate situation; I hope you get some resolution.

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If you cant delete the device…delete the person.


It’s not a practical solution, but it is effective hahahahahaha.

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Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns. The issue is that I stooped playing for a while and my friend maintained the account, it neither him or I that are the issue. The third person gained access after I did the security update. But it is ok, I understand that policy is what it is, I didn’t ever read it and have played and paid a lot since beta. I will simply find a game that has a more understanding support team.

Cheers all

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