How to Improve Shank

So recently, there have been many comments about how disappointing the new hero, Shank is. I won’t sugarcoat my opinion of him: Shank stinks at the moment. Which is actually a real shame, since he maintains the great designs the new heroes HH has made since April (or May to some) I feel it such a waste that a hero with a good design would be so terrible. So I decided to give my own suggestions on how he can be improved. Not to make him great, but at least playable.
Sucker Punch - Current: Bashes the target with a massive fist, dealing elem. damage and stunning
-Suggestion: Bashes the target with a massive fist, dealing minor elem. damage and stun. Ignores shields, armor and any other damage reduction effects on the target.
Threaten- Currrent:A loud yell that has a chance to stun every enemy on the battlefield. If more than 3 are affected, Shank gains bonus health
-Suggestion: A loud yell reduces the damage of all enemy heroes, and has a chance to stun them. If more than 3 are stunned, Shank gains bonus health.
An Eye for an eye -Current: When an allied hero dies, Shank’s skills come off cooldown, and he gains health over time.
-Suggestion: When an allied hero dies, Shank’s skills are refreshed, he gains bonus armor, and taunts the enemy team.
Partner in Crime-Current: Shank gains health and regains hp over time each time Threaten is activated
-Suggestion: Each time Threaten is activated, Shank regains HP over time, and one random ally will have all their skills refreshed and gain bonus damage. Cannot proc on an ally if another ally already has the buff.
Comments and feedback appreciated.
These are only suggestions

The problem with this is it would make him a clone of Jarek, he is meant to be separate with some individuality the way Hideo and Jarek are different.

Shank’s ‘Partner’ will be coming soon anyway so his synergy with that character will help improve his usefulness, besides expect some improvements to come to Shank in the coming future :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions though! Always good to see people being proactive in the improvement of the game :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve suggested Sucker Punch to be more of a huge stun with low damage, to be honest.
So Shank’s partner will be in the upcoming update? Hope he or she can make shank more of a threat.
P.S. I really hope they pull a Briar with Shank. I recall how I was disappointed with GiraffeGirl earlier, but one update later, she’s now one of my faves.

To be honest Shank’s bronze stun is too similar to other heroes
Jarek deals massive base damage while stunning, and ignores armor
Hideo leaps and deals base damage, while stunning opponent
Clyde deals mech damage while doing a long stun, but this skill does take a while
The only noticeable difference is that its a bronze skill, which lets it be charged faster if you control Shank
Otherwise Shanks OK, and his new partner will hopefully improve him :slight_smile:

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I cannot deny nor confirm when the new hero will be coming out or which faction they will be in :man_shrugging:

the excitement heightens!

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  • Buff Shank
  • Nerf Shank

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