Shank, let's talk about it

Shank… is absolutely a huge disappointment. Terrible damage, skills take way to long to recharge. Please give him a buff. Otherwise this month will be super stale of ronins.

Please leave other information I may have missed in comments let me know why you disagree or agree. Maybe I havent found the secret tech, for now he remains about as useful as galante.


There are always things to review, too powerful, not powerful enough, after various returns an adjustment will eventually be made but only in the next update, not before anyway

It’s a guess of course not an affirmation

Agreed… His skills aren’t good enough to fill support role. His basic attack damage is too low to fill dps role. He doesn’t bring anything to the table other than another body on the map.


I totally agree but by the changes next month we arent even using the previous hero. When’s the last time anyone found anvil useful. We get mediocre heroes and after one months use throw them in the throwaway bin to never be seen or heard of.


Yes that unfortunately too much useless hero, the new hero in most cases serves me only for the bounty, personally 1 new hero every 2 months would be a good thing

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The way I see Shank is that he’s meant to be a tank as by his large health stat but his clip is smaller then razor and does similar low damage meaning he is therefore rendered void immeditly by Razorback. Not to mention his silver ability which has a chance so low to hit that his gold skill will never trigger in an entire match. Based on sues with him i barely got the skill to even hit 1/2 enemies 25% of the time which undertstandebly is close to the 35% advertised by with the timer being so long on the skill it makes it pointless so instead you are stuck with a weak jump who is outmatched by even matador in terms of usefulness. There are many better jumping heros such as jarek and hideo as well which are both significantly more versatile in a team. I have yet to find a team wehre Shank is of any use or fits in other then another face to aim at, of which he isn’t even that good for as at least razor has a shield and taunt as well.

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Makes you wonder why his plat is called Partner In Crime… and who is that with him in the loading screen…

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Why would it be a good idea for any hero to rely on another in order to be good?

not saying that is the only reason a hero could be good. Sure he could probably use some work other than the addition of a partner.

Nikon could be a good idea and I get the symbiotic relationship between some heros but then surely they should have been released as a pair? Individual releases would show both toons weaker alone and never truly highlight them together as the faction month would have changed by then

yep. already thought about :wink:

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Maybe his partner will be with magistrates? They could be the glue that would bring together the mafia, triad, and paranoid gun-toting crazies? That would be an alliance of epic proportions lol

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Uh oh, looks like we’re gonna have 2 bad heroes one after another!

Shank and Skank, 2 ne’er do-wells, partners in crime… and daytime social media influencers.


you probably don’t understand the synergies … sig shank is very useful instead. he is not a ronin or a yaeger ultrabuff, but he is a great stunner …

I agree, another rubbish hero. His damage is next to nothing, his bronze relatively week and his stun takes too long to be useful. This hero needs a serious buff fast, wish I never wasted the gold.

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I really haven’t played him so I have no opinion on how well he does. But just reading about what he could do you can already tell he’s lacking something. Now I don’t think a Dev would come on here and blow smoke up our butts. So I’m going to believe that there is another hero coming that will help him. But that in and of itself is another issue. I used to play a miniature war game called Star Wars X-Wing. The best teams were ones that had synergy. Synergy in which if one would fall, the others still worked well together. Losing one didn’t spell disaster for the rest of the match. Tying two specific heroes together will be helpful for them but how well does it help the rest of the group? And to lose one makes the other unimportant? That’s like playing with 4 hero’s instead of 5.

Trying to decide if he’s worth rushing to get and investing resources to upgrade? Thus far I’m getting a resounding no. Any other thoughts? Wish the guy who does reviews would doo one for him.

I highly doubt that. There is nothing good about shank to date.

When you fight him hes a lower priority than like Halo or Ronin; which means hes mostly ignored. That makes him pretty annoying later on, his stuns are loooooong so once he starts throwing punches and yelling at people youll end up spending a lot of time doing nothing. He can shut down like half the team and give you a chance to heal up or burst down someone.

He doesnt do a lot of damage, nor is he super hard to kill. Hes kinda like a more annoying jarek or hideo imo.


That would be awesome ! If the real use of Shank could only be seen with his partner: a symbiotic synergy.