Shank doesn’t need an update

Not every hero is going to have high dps, some heroes will have to be support heroes with low dps that suck for bounty. It’s what makes the game balanced… omg can you people calm down about that, use the other heroes for this bounty… you have ronin, kaishi, halo and mauler… PLENTY of dps power to choose from, omg I can’t believe how many people complain about this.


Couldn’t agree more and not to mention the exaggeration in bounty, people saying he was only doing 2m in bounty at 6* then complaining because they were on auto :joy:
He was doing 8-10m at 4* Gold+4 for me and that was fine for a tank, on par with matador and razorback from previous bounties. The problem is people have gotten used to such high DPS characters of late due to the previous few releases and factions with high DPS heroes. I won’t lie mech felt under powered last bounty and energy was OP with Ronin+Halo for me.

I completely agree with your statement however, Shank is fine but his skills are what annoy people I think, expect a slight buff to come next update either altering his weapon or more likely his skills.

My only concerns with shank:
His bronze skill has been implemented in other heroes already (hideo, jarek, clyde), and there isn’t much that is ‘unique’ about it. Average damage, basic stun.
Hiss silver skill has quite a low chance of happening, although because it acts quickly and is basically a hands off stun, it seems fair.
Other than that his weapon is OK to me, it doesn’t take forever to reload and damage is more or less OK, although 40 is an odd number for ammo.

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Supposedly there is another hero coming out who should complement him. Maybe that will help.


Like how Kuno works with Odachi?


Indeed, synergy combinations. It’s not going to be something that will become the norm as that creates too much inter-reliance but it will be an interesting combination for sure, you’ll have to wait and see

His bronze skill damage scales horribly.

Shank is terrible, I’m not even asking for a dps boost. Just a better hero… tired of getting crap heroes every month for them to never be useful again.

I like Shank, he pairs decently with Kurtz, but he needs to be maxxed out. He can’t die so yeah, I need higher hp lolol. Eventually!

Shank is just as good/annoying as Cast. Sure, neither are top heroes, but as disrupters, they do it well enough. Both are hard to kill, and are built to disrupt enemies for their teammates to finish them off.

Shank’s 30+% team stun also means at least a near guaranteed stun on 1 enemy at a minimum which is even better than Cast’s Silver with more potential upside. His Gold also makes him even more of a threat ignoring him till the end, unlike Cast, where you can do so without consequence.

I highly suspect the majority of people complaining are simply suffering from buyer’s remorse to which I advise the highly effective method of simply being mature with your purchases and living with it or not spending at all.

Shank needs as much of a boost as Cast, which is none.

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This man praises a false idol!
It’s godlante all the way!


I agree i thought i was the only one who didnt think shank sucked. Hes gotten me killed many times from his stuns, which is what hes intended to do not dps. Just because a tank doesnt heal or shield and has low dps dont automatically mean hes bad. I think shank is better than cast and if theyre running a flatline/ high dps and shank if gives me a problem if their shank stuns me before i kill their dps im toast. He really isnt a bad hero