How to make Jarek good?

How to make Jared good in pvp? Any good lineup combo for him?

Or does he have other use in other modes of the game?

But…he is always be good. :sweat_smile: This is one of those heroes which must be killed first or them punish your team. If you wanna make him more powerful – give Ruby to him. If his first skill will be charge faster this may change many things. For combo – try use him like support in your favourite team or make combo with him, Shank and Kurtz – death of any of them punished enemies and give a time for other two.


Honestly. I have never really lost a match to a setup containing jarek. At ruby he will get shredded by bio’s. Never had him be a threat to my teams


True, but his silver skill can break Serial’s shield!

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He’s one huge target. He will be dead before serial even looks at him

Love Jarek I have him as ruby, yes bio is a big problem but considering fiber he has a better chance to stay alive. Also at ruby 3 to 4 shots charges his bronze . He can take out verill with bronze before he gets his sliver off also fiber and serial. Team line up should consist of tank’s that draw fire and and good rearline support .

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Not unless they changed him 1v1 verill wins verill cleanse doesn’t allow for jarek to grapple. I have him at ruby and regret it he shoots way to slow. Too big dies easy. Fun at plat level but way better ruby options without him being buffed. Plat skill is a joke at ruby. I thought his shield bypass would work vs verill was disappointed it didn’t when I tested it. I used to love jarek but if I use him he gets targeted first and dies

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