Opinions About My PvP Team

So after days and days of PvP, teams are popping up everywhere. Every team has its strengths and weaknesses. So I’ll show you my two PvP teams, break it down, tell you about my experiences using these two teams and you guys can see if this is a viable PvP team:

First Team:
Kunoichi 5* Gold, Surge 7* Gold, Heimlock 5* Gold, Ifrit 5* Gold and Kobold 5* Gold.

Breaking down:
Kunoichi and Surge are a perfect duo together. With Surge’s Gravity Well and Kunoichi’s Gold ability, Kunoichi can deal massive amounts of damage. The rest of the team are basically keeping her and Surge alive with Heimlock’s healing, Kobold’s healing and shielding and Ifrit’s healing and disorientating the enemy.

Second Team:
Halloway 5* Gold, Ryker 5* Gold (Can be replaced by Keel), Heimlock 5* Gold, Ifrit 5* Gold (Can be replaced by Wesson) and Kobold 5* Gold.

Breaking down:
Halloway. He’s not in any meta, start or current. He;s just not viable for any team. Except this one. Once you got all 3 clones down, Aberration can deal massive damage to a bio-chem enemy. mediocre to other elemental heroes. Keel is there so she can root them down and ensure all three Aberrations to hit. Wesson is here because he can taunt an enemy and focus all heroes, including the clones, to focus fire on the target, knocking the target down fast. The other two are still there for support.


You have balanced team for both and it goes longer way.

I would have preferred 5* Bucket in first team to Kobold but I know healing is bit less for Bucket, although lift up from Surge and Bucket will improve Kuno’s damage. Otherwise these are good teams.

My 7* Halloway is impressive and I might try out your team with some changes.

Well, for starters, I left out Bucket since I don’t have her (sadly, she seems great) but statistically speaking, she’s not the best in keeping Kunoichi alive for long since my Ryker does quick work of her shields. Kobold’s shields are tough has you chewing through a year-old gum and deals a good amount of damage while healing your heroes fast.