Idea for making Richter more viable

Ive been playing with richter for a while and kind of noticed that himself all in all doesn’t do much for the team, he is supposed to be more of a tanky hero that can chew through armor but I don’t find it being worth having him on the team, my suggestion is making his gold repair his cover by 25% every 10 second and make his cover have double hp whenever he stands in it, this will make him slightly more sturdy, plus whenever he stands in cover his gun deals a small amount of extra damage and decrease armor with every shot until he reloads, this makes him chew through tanks easier and in my opinion increase his effectiveness, thanks for reading I hope this might make a difference for him to shine more


He is already good hero. His main ability is remove enemie’s armor and he did this very well. Especially with Moss, Salvatore or someone else with armorbreakers skills. If you not use this – don’t try make another generic shielder from decent armorbreaker hero.

And Bounty Event – Richter born fir this mode.

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Maybe that’s on your level but on what level I have him 8star plat he just doesn’t do the trick for me, I would choose any hero over him atm

My 10* / 4 plat bars, but this tactic work same on any level. This is support tank. Just make armorbreaker team with good DD. I use Beck, Richter, Salvatore, Moss, Cain and they eliminate any combos in PVE. Even with much more power.

Use his silver, then his bronze, and don’t move for the remainder of the match, take every skill thrown at you, he’s basically just a bullet sponge with some good skills thrown into the mix.

I know but I think that he should also be able to add that extra amount of support as I mostly use him with 2 healers and a shielder plus some other damage dealer but remember one thing, if your in the higher tiers in pvp there’s smart players that just ignore richter

Game has many modes and not every hero must be used in PVP. Richter good in PVE and Bounty Event. For PVP exist many other characters. We almost reach 100 heroes meter.

Honestly, some heroes don’t do much other than act as a giant obstacle. Klayton, Shank, Richter, and Cast are some of these kinds of heroes. They don’t do a whole lot in the way of offence, but they simply make life hard for the enemy team. A confident player knows how to work around them, yes, but when all is said and done, there purpose is to make your life hard, slowing you down and dropping your armor/damage dealt/etc.

Indeed but my point in the post was mostly to make him the obstacle, as mostly I can easily chew through a richter and he doesn’t pose a big enough threat for me to shoot him to make him the obstacle, he needs a reason to be an obstacle, like making your team weak or being way to sturdy eventually like yanglong

Cast is actualy decent and can be really annoying in pvp :slight_smile:

lol - what makes you think you can offer suggestions to this dev shop?