I’d like to put out a call to end the incessant calls to nerf heroes

I’m begging the devs to end the practice of nerfing and players to stop asking for them. I haven’t really cared to speak too much about it until I come on today and see people calling for the nerf of the new guy before he’s even released. I mean c,mon. You too can get this guy and use him exactly as anyone else. So if you’re being honest, is there any valid reason to nerf a hero other than to give you a better chance in PVP? Remember, pvp is only a portion of the game. Maybe ask yourself why you are not doing well in PVP, because everyone (including you) has the option of building your heroes in any way they (you) wish? So you don’t have a 5 bar, 10* plat, level 90 Ronin to match with 4 weaker healers/shielders/revivers; whose fault is that exactly? The guy who did the research or trial and error? Of course not.
Also consider how nerfing hurts you, yes you who calls for the nerf—it makes a hero less deadly, right? And where could this hinder your success in other areas of the game??? Let’s see—campaign modes (normal and hard), for example. Co-ops, solo raids, and with the recent improvements in gauntlet, nerfing players certainly makes gauntlet for some nearly impossible. In fact there’s a thread dedicated to this. But I’ll contend that nerfing also negatively impacts the PvP experience, but not for the reason you think. My best pvp team is a pretty even team that got hit with nerfs in the last update. Did this lead to more losses from this team. I honestly don’t know that it did, but what I can say without hesitation is that as more heroes get nerfed, pvp battles get longer and longer. I don’t think this is a net positive if for no other reason than reducing the number of battles you can have in a fixed amount of time hence a reduction in rewards. So in conclusion, abolish nerfs. If an imbalance exists, buff. Otherwise take the time to come up with the hero layout that works best for your overall game experience instead of expecting devs to even things out. That’s socialism and socialism sucks. :wink:

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I agree with most of the points here, except when a new hero gets released, mistakes will be made. However, if a hero has been out for a while and people has put a ton of resource into it; only for it to then get nerfed. That’s pretty deflating.


Sad baby pump-up his Ronin and don’t wanna lose tons of easy wins, cry-cry-cry.

My apologies. But it just gets annoying sometimes when you face a hero the devs didn’t buff. Especially revivers, since they mean a -20 to your pvp. That sucks.
Regarding Shanks, apart from his “get stronger as allies die” gimmick, i think he’ll be a good character. Guess now I can add Luke Cage to the characters HH was inspired by.

We make balance adjustments based on collected data to ensure the overall health of the game and the community. While players calling for “nerfs” is something we pay attention to, we don’t act on those reports. To elaborate: if 1,000 people say Ryker’s Silver is too strong, we’ll take a long look at it, but we won’t instantly change it just to stop complaints from rolling in. And in most cases, if it’s that out of balance, we’re already aware of it.

Players are free to ask for buffs/nerfs/adjustment as they like. Just know that we only use those reports to prioritize investigations we already had planned. We do have a plan. We’ll continue to adjust Heroes the way we have been to improve the ongoing health of the game. Thanks.

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So take panzer; I’m guessing you’d point to her as an example She was called OP by many. 3 nerfs later, not so much. Doesn’t change the fact that everyone had access to her when she first came out. And even at her peak she wasn’t invincible. We had to come up with a way to counter her. It should be up to us to figure things out; not the devs to figure it out for us.

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I don’t like assuming but given that I’m the op of this thread I have to assume you’re referring to me. You clearly didn’t read my post. At no point did I claim my best pvp team was ronin occupied. In fact the statement that it was a pretty balanced team goes directly in opposition of it being a maxed out ronin team. Having said that, I saw that he became a significant pvp presence a few months ago and did build him up to put his plat to good use. In other words I was smart. I adapted. I didn’t cry victim because I saw my primary team lose to a ronin team because no matter your team you’re going to lose eventually. No need to get butthurt about it; rather if you don’t like losing, do something about it.

Biggest issue at the moment isn’t a single player power skill etc. It the 10* 5 plat hero being selected with gold heros so opponent is almost always going to lose.

Panzer is the perfect example of a broken new character. She use to be able to wipe out half a team in 5 seconds. The devs did the right thing by fixing her.

Panzer was most people choice back when she was released. After all the complaints and the nerfed devs gave upon her. Now, you dont see her being used in pvp anymore! Now, tell me is that an improvement maded? I say just quit with all the complaints because every hero has weaknesses and can be beaten with the right team setups. Example, Kurtz is currently op AF! But, can still be beaten too!

The thing is, it’s not just trial and error. People who spend the most money or have played the longest will get their heroes the highest level the fastest. That in turn gives them a huge advantage in PVP. It’s really defeating for other players who don’t have the same access to those things. For instance if I get a new hero to 10*, 4-5 plat bars right away by unloading real cash or frags I saved on them, I am going to have a HUGE advantage in PVP over the guy who can’t afford it or doesn’t have anything saved. I will be getting 30x multipliers on a 20k hero while he is getting them on a 5 or even 10k hero (600k points vs 150-300k per win from that hero alone).

You can argue it’s the benefit of playing longer or spending money, but you also have to consider the health of the game. Do you really think that new guy who just started a week or two ago is going to keep playing when he likes PVP in games, but every time he plays he gets slaughtered by an 8-10*, 4-5 plat Ronin sandbagging team? That’s not fun and it hurts the devs in the long run too because they will get far fewer new players who turn into repeat buyers on the offers in their game. Those people will not have fun and quickly quit never to play again (or spend money). Also, it makes the game EXTREMELY stale when 75% of the people playing are using the same 5-7 heroes and there are 50 others that aren’t really viable in PVP.

No one likes nerfs. Devs generally try to steer away from them because of their negative connotation. However, they are often necessary. Can you imagine the rabbit hole we would have went down if the devs decided to buff all the other heroes to Panzer levels when she first came out? They would of had to go through literally every other hero in the game, buff them, then go back and make every mission harder, every co-op raid, etc. to balance things out. It’s usually easier to just fix the one or two problem heroes than it is to try and everything else around them.

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We now know what a nerf herder is. A person who is always calling for nerfs.

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