Please have poll on nerfing characters

For real I’m not attacking anyone personally but seriously, isn’t the point of the game is to enjoy strong heroes. Win a lot on every turn and be excited at the potential u invested in?

What I hate about nerfs outcrys is that people don’t take the time to even enjoy the hero before asking. THEN they complain about a hero being weak well they was strong before before u asked for a nerf.

Don’t even get me started with ‘abusing’ a skill or whatever. How is it abusing if I figured it out by idk reading the skill and memorizing the synergy. Like the great and once powerful Savage. Poor, poor savage. He was awesome all by himself. What brought him back was plat Halo. Plat Halo was understandable give u that one. But Baron seriously? U cried about Baron? Because of the ‘advantages’. Drake needed at least two nerfs but five smh. Gam, Maven, Matador, the list goes on and on. There’s been more cries for nerfs than buffs.

Galante, Operator and Steele doesn’t count sorry. Because again those are few compared to outcry for nerfs instead of advice from others to beat them which what the community is for. We paid for it, we’re in groups for it. Use that to your advantage.

But now u wanna nerf a new hero to pathetic status at least give it two months before saying these things. Then u wanna nerf Dog, are you serious? That dude already been adjusted but because of whatever reason u wanna nerf. His health is reasonable, his reload is low, his plat helps him gets armor. But that’s what plat is for to get to your hero true potential and power.

And it’s not balanced don’t even say it’s about balance, it’s about you guys want the game to be easy for u. Because I can get with a balance of the roster. But u need to buff as well before u can nerf. And crying out for nerfs isn’t a balance. It’s a whine fest because u haven’t figured out the game and I would respect that truth over a debate of ‘balancing’

That’s why I think having a poll of nerfing decisions should be on order because some are necessary but some are just excessive for the majority who scream the loudest


THANK U!!! You hit the nail on the head with this post, too many babies asking for unnecessary nerfs, they barely giving Oracle a chance lmao, even she has her weaknesses

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Who is this Galante, Operator and Steele? Are those new characters? :hushed:

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they were nerfed so that players would not leave the game.devs might just release another charcater that makes her useless.

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Yeah ikr they always create counters but even those counters gets nerfed

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Lol damn look at the roster Lol

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Lol thank you for agreeing Lol

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I think nerf requests on the forum doesn’t matter much; the developers should have metrics on character usage / win-rate / overkill potential etc. based on how we play the game and when they see someone being obviously too strong then it’s time to smack him with the nerf bat. This can be seen as a poll in itself maybe. :slight_smile:

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Yeah or something ya know. I would even take that a personal stat to see if someone really needs a nerf. Because the outcries always have it because even if it’s not on the forum, the outcries are in chat, feedback, Discord and I’m sure PMs to the devs

Well, obviously the devs won’t nerf a hero because one person post here a message.

I think posts about heroes can create a healthy discussion that can improve the game for everyone. It isn’t problematic that someone believes Dogface or Oracle should be nerfed, or Yanlong buffed. OP explains his point of view, and the rest of the forum can debate whether they agree or not. And while devs won’t nerf or buff because of one post, these discussions can help them decide what to do, and make their game even better.

The problem comes when some people take it too personally. Some players think that they have the right to demand things and their opinion is the universal truth and only valid thing. (I will never forget the “NERFS ARE ILLEGAL, COMPENSATE ME” thing)

And this goes both ways. I don’t see the necessity of calling someone a “baby” just for stating their opinion.

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Do you play a lot of competitive shooters? Even if HH is a watered down version of the genre, that is still what it is at its core. Nerfs and buffs are a near constant process with this type of game for a number of reasons:

  • New heroes are constantly being introduced and their impact on the competitive landscape can’t be fully understood until they are in widespread use by the player pool. New heroes that are found to be broken right out of the gate NEED to be brought back inline quickly. Halo is a prime example. Her platinum skill was broken, broken, broken. It made for almost unbeatable matchups and the biggest problem was that devs let her hang around too long. Way too much time for people to feel like they HAD to upgrade her just to keep up even if almost everyone knew she was getting hit with the nerf hammer eventually.
  • Shooters that use diversity as a hook need as much balance as possible to keep the game fresh and fun. Devs are always looking at hero usage rate, win rate, etc and if they see that a hero is omnipresent and has a crazy high win-rate, they should be be brought back to the mean. Did you really think pre-nerf Savage was healthy for the game? I rode that chubby SOB to some insane win-streaks but I knew that he needed to be scaled back even as I was reaping the rewards. It’s no secret that successful franchises want a win-rate that is as close to 50% as possible for all options. Because at that level, it’s truly more about player thumb-skill rather than an OP game mechanic.
  • The reason that nerfs happen more frequently than buffs is because of power-creep. You can nerf a hero to balance them without affecting too many other aspects of the game. But if use buffs as the primary balancing tool you start to see it affect the game in unintended ways. Reducing time-to-kill is a prime example. Hero Hunters is already a game where the damage is too high relative to hero health. You start buffing but not nerfing and it only makes it that more of an issue.

In your post you even conceded that Halo was too strong…and then follow that up with saying people were complaining about Baron. Sorry, but nobody was calling for a Baron nerf (and he went untouched so I’m not sure where your complaint is with him). It was Halo’s platinum that needed to be changed. It was and the consequence of that was that Baron’s basic attack went back to the way it was. That’s not a nerf to him.


Yes I do and I played lots of games not just shooter games that have nerfs and buffs systems

I know that new heroes must be introduced to not keep the interest of vets but to always keep it fresh and fun.

But even with Halo, you could have figured it out and when you did it was an amazing feeling. But the point is that is it fair to let people who figured the system and/or synergy suffer because others didn’t. But like I agreed her nerf was justifiable. I even said it myself and I have a plat Halo.

Again never said nerfs wasn’t in called to order, I don’t like when automatically people don’t give a hero a chance before having the outcry for them. Even when it seems unbeatable.

Yes pre Savage was healthy in my opinion because again he was beatable and I didn’t have him yet I beat him in 60% of matches. And also the one thing people don’t seem to understand is that when a hero seems unbeatable in PVP then they’re OP which isn’t fair to the remaining roster. That’s the problem I have which auto outcries for nerfs because there’s other game modes than PVP. And I barely manually play PVP. Yet when I manually play PVP, I can hang with the best of them.

And I know about power creeps which is when I respect a nerf but all I’m saying is give it a chance before speaking on it, regardless it be a week or before the next update. But all nerfs and no buffs? Can you really say that’s a balanced game/rosters when we all want to feel like we achieved the best?

When they say Halo/Baron they were asking for a Baron nerf as well. And some people did say nerf Baron as well in case you missed those outcries. And again they did not need to touch him. But Halo plat only. Yet they kept saying Halo/Baron the most. If they didn’t want Baron nerfed and only Halo. They only needed to say Halo plat and not include Baron like Savage, Cinder, and Ghoul in some aspects.

But I do appreciate your articulate response and thank you for your opinion :grin:

We want to encourage everyone to share their opinions about the balance and the heroes. Start a discussion, share your thoughts and strategies, if you dont believe a nerf or buff is warranted let us and your fellow players know.

We will always remain open to feedback about the game.

However that stated, we don’t exclusively base our balancing decisions on feedback. We have a number of analytical tools at our disposal that inform us who the popular and powerful heroes are at any given moment. Player feedback is only a part of the balancing decision making.

We know no one likes nerfs to their favourite Heroes but they are essential to the game and sometimes unavoidable. It is not all doom and gloom, we always try to roll in some buffs to alternative Heroes in the same update. Make sure to check out the patch notes for yourself and make your own impression of the changes.

We are lucky that our players overall have a pretty good ear for game health. Usually when players notice imbalances in the game there is a significant problem. We try to be proactive with any adjustments, but unfortunately due to limited time constraints we cannot always roll out balance patches as fast as is sometimes necessary.

We hope everyone will continue to enjoy the game and continue to share your feedback. We all want Hero Hunters to grow and thrive and balance is core to that goal.


Whole issue is, people have the entitled mentality. They just want it their way. Instead of figuring out a lineup that will yield them the best results. Most fail to read up and understand what is the best combo team lineup. And their ignorance is a bane for those who bother to understand the heroes and make the best of it. Same thing with life.

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HARDSCOPE needs a visual nerf.

Damn, his rifle shots are literally blinding me.


My thoughts exactly Lol

That’s what I meant, thank you for saying that in a much shorter passage Lol

Who would have thought my little post caused all this Lol

Frankly, it’s not about nerfing. It’s about learning and understanding the game mechanics, hero composition, creating chemistry among heroes. By doing this one can be better at the game.

I had a match, where the opponent was using Dogface to take out my mandrak. He recognised mandrakes threat. But clearly fail to use the right element to take him out … and naturally I went on to win that match.

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Exactly, exactly thank you. And like I said I can see if someone has a major power creep and is a standout character where no one can defeat them. But when people can’t take the time to learn team synergy, they’ll fail every time